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So, like, what’s the deal? Do urbanites in Dallas still identify as “liberal” or “conservative”? I know lots of Queer Republicans and lots of Christian Socialists. Well, some. Maybe we don’t really give a shit about religion–as-politics around here in cowboy-land despite all the churches. Most of the rest of the urban-USA is all caught up in charismatic movement, which ain’t all for the worst (since I’m a big monotheist spiritualist) I guess, oh–maybe we’re catching up…even at my liberal UU church we get into the soul thang…which makes us liberals pretending to act out conservative Christian to grow, I guess. Bla Bla Bla…gotta make some extra bucks to shop!

Set Love Free

Today, under the sponsorship of Senator John Ensign from Nevada, joined by Senators John McCain from Arizona, Sam Brownback from Kansas, and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut; a U.S. Senate bill was introduced that would amend the 26-year old Wright Amendment.

Those of us enslaved to DFW airport salute you!

PETA President in Dallas Today

Ingrid Newkirk will be doing a book signing today at 7pm. Here’s the 411:

Border’s Books
10720 Preston Road, Suite 1018 (Preston and Royal)
(214) 363-1977

Wright Is Wrong


Southwest Airlines has a new website calling for the repeal of the Wright Amendment.

As Moses said: Set My People Free! Let competition flourish and Dallasites have a choice.

We Apologize For the DeLay, Public Service Will Resume Shortly

Some folks have decided to put up a billboard in Tom DeLay’s neck of the woods that expresses some, um, feelings about him and the ethics issues that surround him.

Go on over and vote for your favorite billboard.

An Alternative to the Lipscomb/Fantroy Freak Show

While Fantroy and Lipscomb continue to chew one another’s legs off, there is an intriguing alternative for the District 8 City Council seat: Adrian Drake. He’s a Dallas success story who is not only a Habitat volunteer, but also a Habitat homeowner. Just what that District needs… someone who understands the realities of the citizens living there. Way to make good Adrian Drake!!

What Do You Think?

Here we go! Strong Mayor? No! Yes! I think I’ll stick with no, for now. How about ya’ll?


Texas State Representative Larry Phillips has introduced HB2893 , which would place a transponder in Texas vehicle registration stickers. You know, so they will know where we’re going and stuff? I read about this at Grits For Breakfast.
The purpose of the bill is supposedly the enforcement of insurance and toll laws, but as GFB says:

I don’t know about y’all, but where I grew up folks tagged cattle, not each other. It’s none of the government’s business where you go unless they have probable cause to believe you did something wrong. We have a freedom to travel and, at least until recently, what was once quaintly known as a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Bills like this would turn that term from a mere anachronism, its current status, to an outright joke.

Strong Stuff

Whether you’re a Citizen For a Strong Mayor, a citizen against the strong mayor, or a whole freakin’ coalition against the strong mayor proposal in Dallas, one thing’s for sure: from now until May 7th, you’ll be really tired of hearing about it by then.

Strong Mayor Proposal

Earlier this week I got a promotional piece for the Strong Mayor proposal to be put to voters on May 7th. I must confess to not having paid much attention to this issue or started my research into the topic. With roughly 60 days to go we have no excuse not to a) not educate ourselves on this issue – and especially digging beyond what the respective campaigns will offer us and b) vote – either on May 7th or in early voting.

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