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No more blowing smoke in the windy city

I read in the paper on Thursday that Chicago passed a ban on smoking in nearly all public places throughout the city. I was really bummed at that news. I really loved that you could smoke freely in Chicago. It made the city inviting. It’s a nerve-racking thing to visit a city like New York, or LA and have to figure out where smoking is allowed before you light up for fear that you will get slapped on the wrist with some sort of fine, or embarrasment.

I do smoke, but I also understand why people don’t want to be around me when I do it. I just feel that smoking in a public place should be decided by the owner of that public place, not the city government. No smoking, no pledges, and switch the word Christmas to Holidays. Is this country really ruled by a majority vote?

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Bush’s “Healthy Society”

There were two articles in the paper yesterday that made me angry. Had they not been in the same edition, I might not have been as affected. The first article was on the front page of the Dallas Morning News regarding the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of gays in the military. In a time when the US military is looking to enlist all they can in thier war on Iraq, this article was making the point that they are booting people who have voluteered to serve their country just because they were outed in one way or another. My first thought was how nice it is to know that if there was a draft set into place, all someone would have to do to dodge it is say they are gay! But for those who really want to serve in the military who happen to be gay, it’s sad to know that these people have to constantly be watching their backs for fear of being fired over just being gay, regardless of how well they do their job.

The next page over I read an article on Bush’s visit to a Christian church while visiting China. There he used it as a platform to discuss his views on what makes for a “healthy society.” In this article, Bush was quoted as saying, “My hope is that the government of China will not fear Christians who gather to worship openly in this society,” and that “A healthy society is a society that welcomes all faiths and gives people a chance to express themselves through worship with the Almighty.”

After reading these articles in tandem, I was aggrivated that Bush’s notions of a “healthy society” was a society where people could express themselves without fear of being discriminated against, yet here in our so called “healthy society” gays in the US military are being fired on the sole basis that they were “found out.”

Basing a response with Mr. Bush’s words: My hope is that the government of the United States will not fear gays who want to work openly in the military, and that a healthy society is a society that welcomes all people, and gives them a chance to preform a job that they are willing and trained to do.

Sad news today. Mitchell will be missed.

I was saddened by the news of the death of Glenn Mitchell today. I had the chance to meet him when Art Prostitute was a guest on his show back in January. Quite unexpected to hear the news today.

Dallas Morning News article on his passing.

Noteworthy Blog Link

I browsed into this article titled “COMMENTARY: BIG WINNERS IN PROP 2 CAMPAIGN by Tom Pauken” on Thought others might find it worth a read regarding the recent Prop 2 campaigns.

The ballots are done and I think I’m hallucinating from hunger

I find it an intriguing coincidence that just as all the ballots have been cast and taken out of the political oven, the unusually hot weather for this season is starting to cool. Better eat it up before all that

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Don’t forget to Vote!

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the proposed Texas constitutional amendments, which includes the controversial Proposition 2. I went ahead and voted per the research I did on it recently, and just wanted to send out a reminder while there is still a day left!

For information on where to vote:

For information on the proposed amendments:

What’s the deal with Prop 2?

There is quite the buzz going around about the Proposition 2 vote. Being that I

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