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Nothing Moments at The Public Trust

Navigating Ghosts Cover

Nothing Moments is the newest project of Steven Hull, who has teamed up with Tami Demaree, Annie Buckley, and Jon Sueda for this most ambitious of Hull’s projects to date. With nearly one hundred participating writers, artists, and designers, Nothing Moments embraces the disparate fields of visual art, literature, and design.

Nothing Moments consists of twenty-three limited edition books and more than four hundred original drawings. The project expands on the relay-inspired process Hull has explored in previous projects, whereby the work of one artist is responded to and expanded on by another. In Nothing Moments, each book begins with a fiction text authored by a contributing writer. This text is then passed to a contributing artist who makes drawings in response to the story. Finally, the text and art are given to a designer who creates a unique design. The resulting books emphasize a fusion of writing, visual art, and design, inverting the traditional foregrounding of text over art in the book format.

Nothing Moments offers an intriguing cross-pollination of the populist sensibility of a book fair with the rarified atmosphere of contemporary art. In celebrating the blurring of boundaries between disciplines, the project brings an exciting, collaborative energy to the gallery and offers thought-provoking questions to contemporary critical discourse.

Opening Reception: Sat. May 17, 2008 (7-9PM)
2919-C Commerce St // Dallas, TX 75226 // 214.760.7170 //

Bye, Bye Booktree

The first dollar I ever spent when I moved to Dallas bought me two Science Fiction paperbacks at a place I would come to love over the next twelve years.

After almost twenty years of serving the readers of Richardson, The Book Tree is going out of business.

The Book Tree is what Half-Priced Books used to be before it became a Barnes & Noble outlet. Good books, cheap prices, a random assortment of jazz, showtunes, and noir movie soundtracks playing over the speakers.

The building sucked, so after it rained you’d usually see buckets strewn throughout the store. There wasn’t enough space on the shelves to hold all the books, so you’d have to crouch down and read through the piles stacked up on the floor.

I was turned on to great writers like Ben Bova, J.D Robb, Jeff Abbott, L.E. Modesitt Jr, William C. Dietz, and countless others while strolling down the crowded aisles.

Barry & Terry, the twins that own the store, have an impressive database of writers and books that they call from memory. Always smiling, always helpful, with a love of Mystery novels that borders on the obsessive. They survived the monstrosity known as Barnes & Noble when it opened in the Richardson Square Mall across the street. I don’t know WHY they’re closing now, but I’ve heard that they are moving out of state. I guess I’ll find out today when I go rummage through the stacks one last time.

They’re open until the 22nd, so if you want to get some good books on the cheap, head to Richardson.

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