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Marc Quinn Opens at The Goss-Michael Foundation

Last week I swung by the Goss-Michael Foundation to meet my good friend James Cope for lunch. They had just put the finishing touches on their upcoming show featuring Marc Quinn, and I had a chance to take a look around. This is an incredible show, and I believe it is the best exhibition the foundation has mounted to date, that says a lot since they have hosted the likes of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Noble and Webster and Richard Patterson among others.

Here are the details…
The exhibition runs from September 24, 2009-January 23, 2010…Plenty of time to work this in your schedule.

The GMF is located at 2500 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75201 // 214 696 0555

For more details visit their website…

The September Run Up Part 2…

This Friday in Oak Cliff…

Decorazon Gallery: David Peterson
Opening Reception Friday, September 11, 6-9:30 pm
417 North Bishop Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208
214.946.1003 //
image: David Peterson

Next Saturday in Deep Ellum…

The Public Trust: Manifold: An Exhibition of Editioned Works
Opening Reception Saturday, September 19, 6-9 pm
2919-C Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226
214.760.7170 //
image: Marcel Dzama

Barry Whistler Gallery: Lawrence Lee
Opening Reception Saturday, September 19, 6-8 pm
2909-B Canton St, Dallas, TX 75226
214.939.0242 //
image: Lawrence Lee

Kettle Art: The Green Line
Opening Reception Saturday, September 19, 7-10 pm
2714 Elm St, Dallas, Texas 75226
214.573.7622 //

Best part about next Saturday is that will be the first day the Dart “Green Line” will be in effect. This has been a long time coming, so why not park your car, go all Quad City DJs and, “get on the train and ride it!” The Reel FX + Brad Oldham “Travelling Man” collaboration (pictured above) is a sight to see, as is Frank Campagna and crew’s ode to the Deep Ellum tunnel, which is across the street from the man.

The September Run Up Part 1…

Like I said, galleries load it up for the fall. My favorite Brit, James Cope is serving up some real bangers and mash at the Mac with his show Blueline, while Dale Chihuly, the often imitated never duplicated, glass blower kicks off the fall at Dunn and Brown. Keep an eye out (pun intended), because this one opens on a THURSDAY. For all of you who love vintage technology, Dan McPharlin is holding it down in a huge way at Conduit, with his sculptures in the project room. Beloved Dallas artist Otis Jones is opening a solo show at Holly Johnson Gallery, while Howard Sherman (H-Town Represent) is gonna be sittn’ crooked in his slab at Pan American. Newly crowned MFA champ Sarah Williams steps into the ring for her solo heavyweight debut at Marty Walker Gallery, while wooden pixel pusher Shawn Smith sets it off at Craighead-Green. Head north for a walkie-talkie at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden with Mary Vernon. And finally, in the immortal last words of Billy Batts in Goodfellas,”Go home and get your fu@#in’ shine box” because PDNB’s Burt Finger has laced up a collection of vintage shoeshine boxes coupled with photos from the 30s to the 70s of the entrepreneurs who used them. Part 2 is coming up next week so stay tuned in to find out what is happening in Deep Ellum and the O.C.

The Mac: Blueline: Brian Fridge, Amy Revier, Edward Setina and Paul Slocum
Curated by James Cope of The Goss-Michael Foundation
Opening Reception Saturday, September 5, 5:30-7:30 pm
3120 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204
214.953.1212 // Blueprint Show Archive
image: Paul Slocum

Dunn & Brown Contemporary: Dale Chihuly
Opening Reception Thursday, September 10, 6-8 pm
5020 Tracy Street, Dallas, Texas 75205
214.521.4322 //
image: Dale Chihuly

Conduit Gallery: Jill Foley, Steven Miller, Project Room: Dan McPharlin
Opening Reception Saturday, September 12, 5:30-8:30 pm
1626-C Hi Line Dr, Dallas, TX
214.939.0064 //
image: Dan McPharlin

Otis Jones
Holly Johnson Gallery: Otis Jones
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 5-8 pm
1411 Dragon Street, Dallas, Texas 75207
214.369.0169 //
image: Otis Jones

Howard Sherman
PanAmerican ArtProjects: Howard Sherman
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 5-8 pm
1615 Dragon St, Dallas, TX 75207
214.522.3303 //
image: Howard Sherman

Sarah Williams
Marty Walker Gallery: Sarah Williams
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 6-8 pm
2135 Farrington St, Dallas, TX 75207
214.749.0066 //
image: Sarah Williams

Shawn Smith
Craighead-Green Gallery: Shawn Smith, Arturo Mallmann and Ursula O’Farrell
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 5-8 pm
1011 Dragon St, Dallas, Texas 75207
214.855.0779 //
image: Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith
Valley House Gallery: Mary Vernon
Artist Talk: Saturday, September 12, 10:30 am
6616 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, Texas 75254
972.239.2441 //
image: Mary Vernon

PDNB: Shine
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12, 6-8 pm
1202 Dragon Street, Suite 103, Dallas, TX 75207
214.969.1852 //

Brief Updates from MBHQ

You’ve no doubt by now noticed that the sites got a bit of a re-design and some things got changed around last week. We wanted to highlight two changes to make sure everyone knows what changed.

The first and biggest is COMMENTS! Registration is no longer required to post a comment on any post. Of course if you already have an account you can still login to ensure your comments are attributed to you, but those who don’t can now post a comment without any long term commitment. Also, on the right you can see some of the recent comments so you’ll always know what the active discussions are. This was the most requested thing we’ve heard from people since our last redesign and we’re excited to see where it leads.

The next change is also something that was heavily requested, and that is a change to the ADS on the sites. You’ll immediately notice fewer of them, but what might not be as obvious is those smaller square ones to the right are specific to this city only and are being sold for a flat rate for a period of time rather than a confusing CPM/traffic/network model. Depending on the city, these range from $7-$175 for a full week. If you purchase one, during that time your ad will be the only one in that spot and will show on every page. We set these up both to make it easier for smaller local businesses to get their ads on our site, and also to help us bring in ads that relate better to our local audiences. Also, keeping these sites online is expensive and every little bit helps.

There are a bunch of other things we changed but we’ll leave those to you to investigate and take advantage of. Hope you like it, and we look forward to seeing you in the comments!!

The folks at MBHQ

Rough Summer…Bring on the Fall.

After a year which consisted of 6 exhibitions, great educational programming and 7,000 visitors, CADD (The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas is vacating the Art Lab in Downtown. My gallery is one of the founding member galleries of this organization. I personally have designed everything from the logo to the 3 art guides CADD has released. That was quite a trail we blazed in between Neiman Marcus and The Joule Hotel, and I am sad to see it come to a close. I hate to blame it on the economy, but sustainability was an issue. I realize that times are tough, but if Dallas doesn’t support the culture in this city, there will be very little left after the recovery. I think the psychology of the recession is causing this wave of frugality amongst people who haven’t suffered the same loss as others, mainly those I am now going to discuss.

Here is a list of some of the places I have found myself at either grabbing a drink or a bite this summer: The Old Monk, The Idle Rich, Meridian Room, Libertine, Toulouse, Cowboy Chow, Twisted Root, Social House, The Porch, Lakewood Landing, Bolsa and Cafe Madrid among others.

This represents a pretty good sampling of Dallas: Expo Park, Deep Ellum, Uptown, Knox-Henderson, Lower Greenville, Oak Cliff and Lakewood. Most of the times I was at any of these places it was pretty packed out and people were spending money. I would consider most of the people at these places as people who I could see frequenting and patronizing art galleries, and some of them probably do, but a majority don’t. Why is that?

Art is a great investment. Although this investment can be lucrative, that is not what I am referring to, but rather how much investing in art can enrich your life. I remember the places I lived in that were sans art, and the house that my wife and I have that is filled with it, the difference is massive. Art is a way to engage with people, it sparks stimulated conversation and debate. Art galleries are the best place to meet quality people. There is a certain amount of effort required to know where good galleries are and when they are having openings. These people are the same people that take you to amazing restaurants that you have never heard of. That great feeling you get when you go to a place before it gets all blown out, never goes away with galleries.

The fall is the best time for galleries, we book our best shows then. Although the Art Lab will soon be no more, visit for a list of the best galleries in Dallas. Come out this fall and test the waters, the drinks are on us. And when you hang that first print, drawing or painting you pick up, get ready because people will be jockin’ you like crazy…guaranteed.

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