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Deep Ellum Gallery Openings Sat. Jan. 19

THE PUBLIC TRUST: Saturday, January 19 (6-9pm)
2919-C Commerce St. // Dallas, TX 75226
214.760.7170 //

Choice Cuts: A group show featuring works by: Steven Hopwood Lewis (Above image), Evah Fan, Evan Hecox, Gary Taxali, Gary Baseman, Cody Hudson, Dalek and more…


ROAD AGENT: Saturday, January 19 (6-8pm)
2909-Canton St. Ste. A // Dallas, TX 75226
214.749.4049 //

New Art From Chicago: Scott Anderson, Aaron Baker, John Parot, Steve Reber


BARRY WHISTLER GALLERY: Saturday, January 19 (6-8pm)
2909-Canton St. Ste. B // Dallas, TX 75226
214.939.0242 //

Scott Barber: Works on Canvas

The Just Us System…

Last night I caught the news segment about Charles Allen Chatman who had been jailed for nearly 27 years for a crime he did not commit. In 1981 at the age of 20 he was convicted of raping a neighbor of his, whom he lived a few doors down for 13 years. He was convicted on the grounds that the victim was “a nurse, she was a trained observer, incapable of making a mistake.”

Mr. Chatman contends that his accusation and conviction were racially movitaved, of which I am inclined to agree, especially in Texas.

The amazing part of the story is the man’s perseverance. He was sentenced to 99 years, but since he always maintained his innocence he was denied parole. It wasn’t until 2001 that he had a shot at freedom, since prior to that state prisoners could not request DNA tests. After 2 DNA tests, which came back inconclusive, he chose to wait it out until DNA testing advanced, since the last sample would exhaust all genetic evidence from the victim’s rape kit.

It was the Y-STR kit that cleared his name. This test is able to identify genetic markers from the slightest amount of genetic material.

The range of emotions one feels from being released from a wrongful imprisonment must be intense. The sheer excitement of breathing free air, and the bitter taste of so much time lost. That made the DA’s words about justice a bit hard to take when he said to Chatman, “You are an example of how justice is supposed to work.” Too bad it started working for him after sitting idle for 27 years.

EXPO 2008 Juried Show Artists Announced

EXPO 2008 will open on January 12 with an artist reception from 6-10pm.

500X Gallery is located at…
500 Exposition // Dallas, TX 75226
214.828.1111 //

Congratulations to the following artists:
Paul Abbott, Daniel Avazpour, Lane Banks, Kelly Berry, Michelle Brandt, Lori Brennen, Ezequiel Cambranis Jennifer Dawson, Lanie DeLay, Oscar Duran, Josh Fletcher, Havi Frost, John Frost, Christine Garza-Mitchell, Lori Giesler, Nathaniel Glaspie, Bryan Gooding, Andrew Grimes, Ben Hancock, Mary Emma Hawthorne, Logan Hill, Clayton Hurt, Sean Ibanez, Kelly James, Jenny Jones, Kathryn Kelly, Joel Kiser, Amanda Kutsch, Anne Lawrence, Erin Machniak, Pate MacKenna, Devon Nowlin, Rosane Vochan O’Conor,
Dylan O’Riley, Keri Oldhan, Barbara Pfaffenberger, Alicia Philley, J.R. Phillips, Nathan Porterfield, Jeffrey Primeaux, Michelle Proksell, Don Relyea, Ryder Richards, Brian Row, Brian Neal Sensabaugh, Terry Shuck, John Spriggins, Andrea Stigdon, Loran Thrasher, Kelly Ulcak, Mary Wester and Murielle White.

Some words of wisdom for artists who are trying to “make it” who did not submit work to EXPO
EXPO 2008 was juried by Terri Thornton, artist and education director for The Fort Worth Modern, which means the gallerists in Dallas know Terri. If they do not, they do respect what she has done for the education program at The Modern, which is one of the finest museums in the US. That being the case you can bet that many gallery owners/directors will go and see this show.

So now your work is in front of a gallery owner in an appropriate setting. You can now introduce yourself and they can take time to talk to you for a minute, unlike the time you introduced yourself at their gallery during an opening and you felt snubbed because they didn’t give you their undivided attention while they were working.

In short, being a working artist is hard. Juried shows are the things that get you noticed by galleries and are excellent for your cv.

Kicking off 2008 with a few openings…

New year…way more blogging is going to happen here. By this time next week MB Dallas will welcome not one but 2 new bloggers to the fold. No more lone ranger action here. Now onto a few early 08 art openings…

CONDUIT GALLERY: Saturday, January 5 (5:30-8:30pm)
1626 C Hi Line Dr. // Dallas, TX 75207
214.939.0064 //

Billy Hassell: Journal

Reinhard Ziegler: Along for the Ride: Images from Marfa & Big Bend

Memotronic: Co-Curated by Danette Dufilho and Julio Cesar Morales (Queen’s Nails Annex, San Francisco, CA)


HOLLY JOHNSON GALLERY: Saturday, January 5 (5-8pm)
1411 Dragon Street // Dallas, Texas 75207
214.369.0169 //

Gael Stack: Gaps, Sinkholes, and other Chasms, Janaury 2008


MARTY WALKER GALLERY: Saturday, January 5 (6-9pm)
2135 Farrington St. // Dallas, TX 75207
214.749.0066 //

Jay Shinn: With the Grain
with Maquettes by Tom Orr in the other gallery.


PanAmerican ArtProjects: Saturday, January 5 (5-8pm)
1615 Dragon St., Dallas, TX 75207
214.522.3303 //

Gustavo Acasto: New Work


PHOTOGRAPHS DO NOT BEND: Saturday, January 5, 2008 (5-8pm)
1202 Dragon Street, Suite 103, Dallas, TX 75207
214.969.1852 //

Texas Bauhaus: Work by Carlotta Corpron (above image), Ida Lansky and Barbara Maples


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