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Phil Collins at The Dallas Museum of Art

I am a bit late posting this one, but if you haven’t already you should head down to the DMA to see this exhibition. It is by far one of the best installations from the Concentrations series. In short Collins created every aspect of this project. He built the karaoke machine, assembled the band which recorded the album’s tracks, constructed the sets…everything. This is 3 years in the making and is the first time that the completed project has been seen.

In this poignant and poetic work, Collins insightfully combines art, pop music, and popular culture to create a tender, heartbreaking, and at times funny portrait of humanity,” said Weaver. “Watching these Smiths fans–an almost cultlike world phenomenon–perform and sing their favorite lyrics by lead singer Morrissey in a language not their own is a moving reminder of our own desires and struggles for individual expression. It also expands the possibilities of art in our rapidly changing global age.

Phil Collins: the world won’t listen
The Dallas Museum of Art
November 9, 2007-March 23, 2008
Marguerite and Robert Hoffman Galleries

The Evens at The Public Trust…

On Saturday November 10, 2007 The Evens performed live at The Public Trust. The Even’s are Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina. I am still reeling a bit from having seen Fugazi’s frontman play live in my gallery. 170 people were in attendance for this show and they came from as far as Oklahoma City.

It was encouraging to see people come out in force to the gallery when there is no opening, complimentary drinks, or where being seen isn’t top priority.

The only downside was the stabbing that was rumored to have occured down the street at The Red Blood Club (the irony is too much)…hopefully this random, isolated incident won’t further damn Deep Ellum’s public perception. I can imagine this will mean the RBC probably won’t get their SUP.

Dallas…let’s keep this up, sans the stabbing!

The Aftermath of the SUP Wipeout

There has been a lot of rezoning going on in the Deep Ellum / Fair Park areas. Bars / Clubs are now required to apply for a Special Use Permit to keep their doors open. Once they file their paperwork they go before a committee who then decides whether or not to grant them this permit. Basically if your establishment hasn’t had any “incidents” or received a lot of complaints then you are good to go. This is kind of subjective, and has led to the denial of permits for places such as Tomcats, Club One and Monkey Bar.

My question is what will go in the place of these venues? The property owners pushed to put the SUP into play, but what are their intentions once this first round has gone through the wash?

Empty buildings aren’t much better than an establishment who isn’t a very good neighbor.

86 Voters…

So I just got back from voting, and it was a pretty dismal turnout. I was voter 86. There are over 1600 registered voters in the precinct in which I reside. This is also pretty sad, being as that there are 5000 residents in Deep Ellum alone.

The Trinity vote was such a huge, highly publicized item on this ballot, front page of D and the Observer in recent weeks and yet no one turns out.

People always talk about how it doesn’t matter if they vote or not…trust me when this few people are turning out it definitely matters.

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