Dallas’ 6th Gift to the World

In the spirit of the abundant holiday gift giving that will be taking place over the next couple of months, all the Metroblogging cities are giving 7 gifts to the world throughout the week of NOV 26th – DEC 2. This is Dallas’ 6th Gift to the World.

It may not be the birthplace of the shopping mall, but Dallas has more shopping centers per capita than any United States city and metro. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas also has the most Strip Malls to boot. I’m assuming this explains why Texans really love their trucks and SUV’s. It is not the terrain. There is probably more concrete here than anywhere in the world…visit Texas in the summer and tell me global warming is not due to these massive super-shopping center parking lots where trees once stood. But back to my point. Texans drive their big gas guzzling tanks because they love to shop! …and they need all that extra room and suspension to accomadate the maximum amount of plastic bags possible.

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  1. bill (unregistered) on November 28th, 2006 @ 10:22 am

    The “per capita” qualification is always misleading. Whatever the data is, it makes it sound like it’s a very high number. But it’s important to remember that Dallas is a glorified suburb, not a real city, and has a population of like 4 people.

  2. Lisa Hunter (unregistered) on November 28th, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

    Actually, Dallas IS where the shopping mall was invented. The idea was the brainchild of Dallas businessman (and art collector) Ray Nasher, who built Northpark. So pat yourselves on the back again, Big D.

    P.S. Please tell me you won’t fail to include BBQ in the list. Ever since I left Texas, my mom sends me annual FedEx packages of Dallas barbecue.

    Lisa Hunter (NYC and Montreal Metroblogger)

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