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State Fair this Weekend!

He’s back! Big Tex and the State Fair of Texas.

I’m actually excited. This is the first year that the fair is just down the street from me, and I’m looking forward to checking out all the fun that is going to be happening practically in my back yard. The rides, the smell of cattle and fried food, the activity and parades. It all starts tomorrow at noon with a parade through downtown Dallas. Let’s all play hookey from school or work and make it a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reinactment. You’ll see me syncronized dancing with the crew over on the stairs.

Did you know they are going to have Chinese Acrobats there…and pig races, a cigar rolling demo, a llama show, and a dairy goat milk-off? The list goes on and on. Their website ( has a downloadable events calendar so you can print it out and circle your favorites and create your own State Fair expierence. My favorite page on the site is the highlighted events page. Marilyn Monroe is going to be pinned up all over the Women’s Museum, and you can sneek a peek for FREE. You have to pay to get into the fair, but once in, there are a lot of outrageous shows that are free to see.

Also while your are there, go ahead and spare yourself the wait at the ticket counter and purchase your tickets online. You’ll even get a discount if you do. General admission will run you $10.95 online and $13.00 at the fair. Food and ride tickets will cost you another $10.00 for a sheet of 20 tickets.

I’ll be there with my camera, trying and figure out what to take a picture of first. It’s going to be visual overload. Puppets, corndog-eating mullets, cowoys, cattle, flies, families with good kids, families with obnoxious kids, families with grandmas, crying, laughing, screaming…good times.

Kettle Art opening this weekend

Speaking of the Dallas Observer best of, the best readers pick gallery, Kettle Art in Deep Ellum, has an opening this weekend…

Saturday, Sept 30, their “Underexposed” photography show opens from 7pm-10pm with a big list of local artists. More info here.

Dallas Observer…Best of Dallas issue out now!

Love it or hate it, the Observer’s Best of issue is out on the stands. For the second year in a row they have issued a perfect bound edition along with the regular paper. Art Prostitute was named Best Hipster Art Gallery. And apparently goths and gutter punks frequent our openings rubbing elbows with people who wear sunglasses inside at night. I have not seen one of those 3 things ever in our gallery.

The thing that was most disturbing about the Best of Dallas, was that the reader’s picks are not elaborated on a bit. All they list is the name address and phone number. That seems super backwards. In retrospect at least that keeps you safe from their writers. My question is…Why bother with a popular vote, if you aren’t going to give your readers insight on what won?

More Art this Saturday

Saturday (Sept 23rd):

And/Or Gallery: The reception for the Nick Ackerman + Michael Bell Smith show from 6pm-9pm. We’ll have an artist talk at 6pm with NY video artist Michael Bell-Smith and half of JODI, the Holland-based digital art collective famous for their Internet deconstruction art and video game hacks/exploits. This is a preview of the talk they’ll give at the MOMA in a few weeks!

Angstrom: It’s not a typo. David Quadrini and co. are back with a new show!! Not sure what the future is for the Dallas Angstrom, but previously they had some of the coolest shows around, so I hope it continues. The reception for this one is 6pm-9pm and it’s “Ab Obo”, a multi-media visual arts project organized by angstrom gallery veteran Steven Hull.

Might Fine Arts: Jo-Ann Mulroy “Traces”. A show of tweaked up appropriated Victorian images. Reception 6pm-9pm

Plush + MFA: Plush and Mighty Fine Arts are teaming up for the Pajama Party at the Clubhouse. 6pm until noon the next day. At 411 N. Tyler / Dallas (2 doors down from Mighty Fine Arts) Here’s MFA’s info for the same event.

Openings this weekend / DADA Art Walk

Lots of openings this weekend, and the The Dallas Art Dealers Association is having their gallery walk.

I’m short on time today so I’m not going to post info about every one, but I’ll probably be stopping by Conduit, Marty Walker, Holly Johnson, Plush, and 500X. Check out the Dallas Glasstire page for details on most of the openings.

(image of “Forever Developing Shrine” by Jason Villegas, who’ll have a show at Plush this weekend)


We are one of the 7 cities that gets Mike Judge’s new Idiocracy. What I’ve heard from my friends who are in the movie biz is that Mike Judge really pissed off the studio, and they’re showing it in the minimum number of theaters that the contract allows (125). There is no media promotion at all. No posters, no media kits, no ads, nothing.

I think the main problem is the threat of legal action from the many companies that he parodies in the movie. The plot is pretty much Sleeper mixed with The Truth about De-Evolution. Luke Wilson wakes up 500 years in the future and everybody is a moron. Everybody’s clothes are covered with ads, and most restaurants and businesses have added sex to their list of products. It’s totally over the top and very unique. If you’re a Mike Judge fan, I’d definitely check it out quick before it’s gone.

More about the movie here.

Mary Emma Hawthorne at Tractor Beam

If you are in the area this is worth the check out. Mary Emma was in our last group show as well. I just left Tractor Beam and the show looks good, she really put a lot of effort into it.

Gallery Season Starting Up

It’s kicking off this weekend, and it looks pretty great. The design district is doing their stuff the following weekend, so I’ll post about that next week.

Friday Sept 8th:

The Dallas Contemporary: Legends 2006 awardee Nic Nicosia’s photography & video, 7 ~ 10 pm, free (remember: they try to tell you it costs $10, but that’s really a suggested donation)

Saturday Sept 9th:

And/Or Gallery: new show starts on Saturday, but the reception isn’t until the 23rd. We’re open noon-6pm, but after that I’m outta there to see the openings listed below. new show is: Nick Ackerman from San Francisco and video artist Michael Bell-Smith from New York.

Art Prostitute: New work by Jophen Stein, Evan B. Harris, Mark Nelson, and Will Rhoten, 6-10pm. All artists will be in attendance. The Party’s DJ Nature and $elect will be on the turntables. (supported By Red Bull Art of the Can Contest, Decade Clothing, and Central Booking)

Barry Whistler: John Wilcox and Adam Raymont, 6:00-8:00

Dunn & Brown: Michael Smith and Joshua White: TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS! and Helen Altman: Dozens, reception 6:00 – 8:00

Road Agent: Ryan Humphrey: Diver Down, 6:00 – 9:00

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