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UNT grieves the loss of local icon Albino Squirrel

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Friday, a Memorial/Funeral Service will be held for UNT’s local icon, Albino Squirrel at the UNT Fountain from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and a pot-luck dinner will follow immediately after the services in the Lyceum. Donations for the family of the slain squirrel will be accepted through the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society.

Like all of us, I feel a great deal of pain when tragic events such as these take place. I can remember the first time I met Albino Squirrel like it was yesterday; Sitting near the fountain like he routinely did, graciously granting student’s wishes, and teaching acrobats to the other homogenous mixture of squirrels. He was a fine specimen and he will be missed.

Tragically, Albino Squirrel met his untimely demise at the tallons of a roving hawk yesterday afternoon. Police are investigating this assassination as a possible hate crime. onlookers stated that the hawk was heard screaming profanities as he swooped down and plucked the poor tree-dwelling rodent from his perch atop the courtyard gazebo. Witnesses looked on horrified as the grizzly attack played out before them.

As a result, additional counselors will be available throughout the week at the UNT Student Health Services Center in order to aid the overflow of grieving students through this difficult time.

The Denton Police are offering a $50,000 reward for any tips leading to the arrest and indictment of the accused hawk. always remember, you can remain anonymous.

On a final note, The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society is calling for a one month boycott of the purchase or display of any UNT paraphernalia containing the UNT Eagle or any manifestation of it. Thank you for your time.


Art Tonight

This is way too late (sorry) but tonight:

1) Feral Nature at UTD curated by Margaret Meehan

2) Last of the Road Agent summer series, Richard Patterson tonight.

3) Dunn & Brown is the Dallas venue for the 5×7 show. It’s not on the Dunn & Brown site of course, which is only occasionally updated. But the info is on the Arthouse site.

Dallas Observer’s Best of Dallas 2006

It is that time again to cast your vote for the Observer’s 26th Annual, “Best of Dallas.” In the current issue there is a ballot, that you can write in your votes, or you can go online to and vote as well.

The online ballot is on the home page at the top of the side bar.

SORTA Album Release Party at Art Prostitute

Friday August 18, 2006 (6-9PM)
Art Prostitute Gallery // 2919-C Commerce St. // Dallas, TX 75226
This release party will be accompanied by artwork by Texas artists, on view the night of the release party only. Each artist created a piece of work inspired by a track of Sorta’s new album “Sad But True.” The artists involved are…

Paul Flores // Kevin Obergon
Bentley Tibbs // Lindsey Havens
Ross High // Tammy T
Pablo // Mike Arreaga
Rita Henry // Patrick Lewis
Sherri Johnson // Quincy
Richard Winfield // Trey Johnson

So come on by, give the album a listen, have a beer and enjoy yourself.
The new CD will be available for purchase and will be accompanied by a nice gift bag.

For more on the band visit their website

The Parking Patrol has a new Job

Just when we thought our parking troubles were over here in Deep Ellum with the meters being free till 6pm, we were soon to find out “the catch.” The parking patrol has a new job. Instead of checking for unpaid meters during the daytime hours, they are running your plates to see if you have any unpaid parking tickets!!! That’s right, you’ll get booted if you have any leftover, unpaid parking tickets…all for just parking at a meter.

I just wanted to give everyone the heads up. If you have any unpaid parking tickets, watch out for the “free” meters in Deep Ellum…you may end up getting your car booted, then end up with the major pain in the ass of having to figure out your way downtown without your car and having to pay your fines on fines, plus the booting fee. You might as well just go ahead and pay the 30 bucks now and save some of the troubles…but somehow I think this is all a bit strange. Is the parking patrol really allowed to run your licence if you are not breaking any laws…say if the meter is free, and you are legaly parked there?

Dallas Video Festival

The Dallas Video Festival starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, spread between the Angelika, the DMA, and the Dallas Theatre Center. I went last year for the first time in a few years and was blown away by some of the stuff I saw. Dallas is missing a regular venue for more experimental film and video (like the Aurora or Northwest Film Forum), but this almost makes up for it.

The schedule is here and you can actually email Bart Weiss (the artistic director) and ask for suggestions of what to see based on what you like. bart at videofest dot org

Definitely my #1 do-not-miss is the Nam Jun Paik retrospective. I usually like the more experimental or electronic stuff, and this is what Bart suggested for me:

Wednesday August 09
8:45 PM The Modern Housewife (Angelika 2)

Thursday August 10
7:00 PM Nam June Paik Retrospective (DMA Horchow Auditorium)

Friday August 11
7:15 PM Mouse Heaven (Video Cabaret)
8:30 PM ROOM (Video Cabaret)
9:00 PM The Editorial Frame (Video Box)
9:00 PM Laptop Deathmatch (Videotheque)

Saturday August 12
4:00 PM Frozen Angels (Video Cabaret)
4:15 PM Urban Friction (Video Box)
5:15 PM The Other Side (Video Box)
9:10 PM Peep Show (Video Cabaret)

Sunday August 13
12:00 PM SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Program (Videotheque)
3:30 PM Braindamadj’d … Take II (Videotheque)
3:45 PM The Wraith of Cobble Hill (Video Lounge)
3:45 PM “S.P.I.C. The Storyboard of my Life” (Video Lounge)
8:15 PM The Texas Show (Videotheque)

Back Yard Burgers

I hate to start off my food writing with a chain restaurant, but how can you expect me to not try a place with the name “Back Yard Burgers”. Sounds awesome. And I’m happy to support an independent chain that’s not part of Tricon Global. It’s on my way to work, on the 75 service road just south of Royal on the northbound side. Just exit Royal if you’re going north and it’s right there. This is currently the only location in Dallas, and the 4th to open in the state.

I won’t leave you hanging: I think the burgers are great. They really do live up to their name. It just looks and tastes more like a burger you made in you back yard. They also have veggie burgers (!!), chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, baked potatoes, and salads.

But dude, I was so disappointed that they didn’t have sides that fit in with the “back yard” concept. When have you ever cooked fries in your back yard? I was totally expecting to have baked beans and potato salad as an option (and I wrote them an email to this effect, since I like to waste time doing this sort of thing).

UPDATE: The owner of the Dallas franchise location wrote back and said he agrees about the more legit backyard sides and is talking to the corporate office about adding baked beans and potato salad for the Dallas location. Very cool.

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