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Eating Better for Less-er

Being the starving artist that I am, I’m always on the lookout for great deals on great food. I have found a few in Deep Ellum that have become a staple for me.

All Good CafĂ© hosts the 2 for 1 dinner special from 6-9pm. Most people know All Good for their great breakfast menu, but for lunch and dinner I have found it to be one of my most favorite local spots. My favorites there are their herb roasted chicken, their spinach salad, or even just a veggie plate, which is made up of 3 picks from their fresh side menu. A meal usually costs on average from $6-7.99, but since it’s a 2 for 1 deal, you have to bring another person along.

Monica’s (just down the block from All Good) also has half-price night on Tuesdays. One of the great Dallas Tex-Mex spots. You can get entrees here for about the same price as All Good, so you can save just the same amount of loot even if you are just eating alone.

The Meridian Room in Fair Park hosts half-price nights on Wednesdays. They definitely have one of my most favorite meals…the Turkey Brie Sandwich with apple slices on toasted sourdough. All sandwiches come with fries or a pasta salad too…and the side to choose is the Sweet Potato Fries! This meal is usually $6.50, but half-price makes it a steal at $3.25. This much good-ness for so little almost feels like Christmas every Wednesday.

I’m still looking for good deals for the rest of the week. Until then, the Ramen Noodles seem to still be working. In fact I’ve gotten quite inventive with it lately. I’ll just say that a little peanut butter made for quite the strange yet delicious surprise.

DMN Dropping Some Critics

Funny to find this info on Art Fag City out of NY. the Unfair Park blog on the Dallas Observer site is reporting that the Dallas Morning News is looking at cutting a significant portion of its critics. At first it sounded like they were cutting arts coverage, but in the update they claim they’re going to use more newswire reviews of stuff going on nationally in order to focus their own critics locally.

I’m not sure if this is just lip service and they’re really going to cut a lot more than they’re saying, but it could actually really mean better coverage of local stuff. I could care less about major movie, TV, and music reviews in the DMN. They’re right — I get that stuff online. We need more local coverage of arts.

I have to wonder how Janet Kutner (head art writer) will fare with this since she’s got to be one of the highest paid arts writers there, having been there since the 70’s.

Friday Night Recap

Ne Plus Ultra at Road Agent
Last night I checked out the second installment of Road Agent’s “Ambush” series of mini one man shows that are taking place every Friday night throughout the summer. What a treat last night. Erick Swenson was the guest artist for the evening, and he had his latest sculpture on display…the Ne Plus Ultra piece. The last time I was able to see a Swenson piece was in the Ft. Worth Modern. Quite amazing.

Nevada Hill at Counter Culture Later, I made it over to Counter Culture at Mockingbird Station to check out Nevada Hill’s new work he had on display there. It was interesting to see how well his new images fit in with the clothing they were buried between. For shoppers, it will be a nice little surprise. For art viewers, it’s a little odd…but so is Nevada’s work…so it works.

Free Daytime Meter Parking in Deep Ellum

Looks like the bloggers at DallasBlog beat me to the post. Free parking is apparently now officially in effect for Deep Ellum from 6am – 6pm.

I just wish that the press would stop the Deep Ellum harassment though. Come on guys. Quotes like “Deep Ellum has been on a death watch for some time now” really feeds the stereotype of this place. I would more likely say downtown Dallas in general is on a death watch. The forgotten west end, the struggling grocery store, the empty skyscrapers…it’s all dead like Deep Ellum too. The only thing other places in Dallas lack is such a rich undercurrent of cultural history like Deep Ellum. Maybe that is why more people keep poking the stick at a “dying” Deep Ellum, cause that’s the only place in Dallas they really care about.

Boo to the commenter who said “How about getting rid of the low-lifes, criminals and actually showing a police presence. That’s why nobody goes to Deep Ellum.” I live here and I have yet to be accosted by a criminal or low-life. Some homeless people, yes. Some crazy cracked-out street walkers, yes. But that comes with every city. I see maybe one a day, but it’s definitely nothing like other cities I have been in. Santa Monica for example has an outrageous amount of homeless people, but that doesn’t stop people from going there!?

Regardless of the whole “death” thing, my props to Scott Bennett for posting the news and encouraging people to re-visit Deep Ellum. Hurray for free parking…and goodbye damn meter Nazis driving everyone away from their “struggling” businesses.

Unbearable Heat and the Homeless

The homeless walking the streets have really been getting quite aggressive over the past few days. Just this weekend as I was pulling up to park, a lady ran up to my car door and waited for me to get out so she could ask for some change. On the way back to my car, another man approached me asking for money to the point of almost arguing with me all the way up to my car door. This heat has got to be driving them insane…and I am growing quite concerned, both for their safety and mine.

Just today outside my home, I heard another argument taking place similar to the one I had yesterday on the way to my car. It made me think to do a little research on the internet about finding out what help is offered for the homeless in my neighborhood. Unfortunately my search yielded minimal results.

Friday Night Happenings

Wayne Coyne Bubble

After just over a month of having moved to Dallas from Denton, I can honestly say I have been having a blast. No hating on the good times I found in Denton, but I have always stumbled on some amazing things to do here, almost every night of the week. Dallas is not as dead as everyone makes it out to be. We may not have mass transit, nice weather, an ocean, a chinatown, or a living-breathing-downtown-streets crowded with people and markets, BUT there is a strong undercurrent filled with some talented good-hearted people here.

Ambush 1 Last night I checked out the launch of Road Agent‘s Ambush series of shotgun summer shows. Every Friday night, throughout the summer they will be showcasing a new artist’s work.

Inflateables While enjoying the art there, the buzz was building for what was dubbed the “Flaming Lips Party” at Conduit Gallery. Eventually the crowd that was at Road Agent dispersed, and reconviened at Conduit. When we arrived, we were greeted with a parking lot filled with hula hooping girls in bikini’s, dancing inflateable mascots, snow cones, and Chris from Good Records DJ-ing the madness !? It was quite the way to set the tone of the rest of the night.

The Chronic Sign

I finally had the chance to pull over and snap a photo of this little gem. It has always made me laugh everytime I drive past it on Market Center Blvd. I’m not ever sure how long it has been there, or how long it will stay up, so all the more reason to lock it into a few megapixels. Just thought I’d share the fun.

Counter Culture Nevada Hill Art Appreciation Show

Counter Culture + Artist, Nevada Hill

When: July 21, 2006
Where: Counter Culture‘s Mockingbird Station location
What: Nevada Hill’s art will be showcased that night. Enjoy some awesome live music, eat and drink for free, and of course shop!

Event suggested by Bethany Burke

Art this Week/end

13th/Thursday: Mulcahy Modern – opening for Marcel Gautherot 6-8pm (I like you Mulcahy but PLEASE GET A WEBSITE — it’s 2006!!)

14th/Friday: kick off of Road Agent’s weekly summer ambush show with Micah from Mission Giant (and which I will also be showing in later on)

…and Flaming Lips party at Conduit Gallery 8-11 with DJ, ice cream, etc. (not sure if Wayne’s gunne be there or not, but maybe)

15th/Saturday: opening for our summer show at And/Or Gallery with Denise Burge (see image above) and Jahjehan Bath Ives w/ veggie burger cookout and beer!

Art Prostitute Group Show Opens July 22!

Art Prostitute Proudly Presents…
Most Likely to Succeed: A Group Exhibition featuring originals and prints by…

National Forest // Dalek
Evan Hecox // Rich Jacobs
Mike Giant // Kinsey
Will Rhoten // Gail Gonzales
Jay Ryan // Cody Hudson
Todd St. John // Gary Benzel
Mark Searcy // Brian Gibb
Matt & Mary Emma Hawthorne
Jophen Stein // Mark Nelson
Nevada Hill // Keith Larson
Allison V. Smith // Bwana Spoons
Jeremy Pelley // Evan B. Harris
And more TBA!

July 22-September 4, 2006 // Opening reception: Sat. July 22 (6-10PM)
2919-C Commerce St. // Dallas, TX 75226 // 214.760.7170

Exhibition Poster by Will Rhoten of DECADE Live performance by The Dust Congress at 7:00PM. DJ Sober will be on the tables throughout the night.

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