A girl could get used to a life less ordinary

My best friend called me around 10 Friday night and asked if I’d be interested in coming to work a photoshoot at the Hotel ZaZa with him. (I’m a licensed hair stylist and do side work on weddings/special events and such.)
They desperately needed someone to handle makeup [he was handling the hair]. He also asked if I had a friend that could potentially fill in for a missing model. I happened to be hanging out with a friend who is a knockout, so we decided to go.

We go up to the suite to meet my friend and get the scoop on the shoot. The room is just pimp. There’s a full bottle of Absolut and a carafe of fresh pineapple juice for cocktails (which my BFF had already made a decent dent in). The room-called the Medusa suite- is decorated in dark blues and golds, lots of gold brocade and decadent fabrics. It has a killer balcony with a great view of Uptown, and overlooks the Dragonfly club downstairs.

I have a look at the wardrobe for the shots and there’s a closet full of Vera Wang/Badgley Mischka/Yves St Laurent/Dolce&Gabbana/La Perla/Gucci garments ranging from hand-beaded formal gowns to beautiful nightgowns. There were so many Jimmy Choos and Manolo shoes it would’ve sent some of my fashionista friends into orbit. Everything was just totally luxe.

We wait for the woman who put this project together and was also modeling. She’s opening a high-end fashion/couture boutique in Dallas soon and this photo session was for promotional material and local advertising. She doesn’t show up until around 11:45, which set the actual shooting back so much that we didn’t finally start taking pictures until almost 1 am. My friend, the organizer, a male model and one other girl were posing for the shoot in 3 different wardrobe sets. The third girl was one of the most drop-dead gorgeous I’ve ever seen in my life. They all looked killer-I was extremely pleased with how the makeup looked.
I was getting paid hourly and all, but by the time we finished at 4am I was ready to drop.

In other news, I had a severe fit of road rage on Gaston today. I was on my way to J. Pepe’s on Greenville to have lunch with a friend, and a woman in an SUV backed up into my car at a light. I kind of had a fit…no damage that I can tell, though, thankfully.

PS Models are weird. The end.

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