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Buh-bye Virgin

So it’s official: The Virgin Megastore on Mockingbird will be closing its doors on June 18th.
I say good riddance…that place was way too expensive and it couldn’t hold a candle to all the awesome local record stores we have in Dallas-such as Good Records and my personal favorite CD World.

They will be having a big Farewell Sale, so go stock up on Fallout Boy shirts while the gettin’s good. :)

This Sunday we fightin wit computers…

Whats good Dallas!!!!!!! I’ve got something else for you to come check out this Sunday night. My man Wanz a dj @ the Cavern on Tuesdays turned me on to this. He will be battling and I think he is a champ with some previous battles. This is a bunch of kids on laptops battling each other doing lives sets with some sound equipment attached. This is going to be crazy! Peep the flyer….

This Sunday April 30 @ Double Wide @ 9pm

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Kid 606 this Friday night!

Hey everyone I’ve got another party for your pleasure. Come out to Red Blood Club this Friday to check out KID 606. I don’t know how many people are hip to this, but trust me it should be a great show. My main man Nature the freshest party rocka will be on the tables of death.

check it yo.

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Better than free crack!

Hello everyone in Dallas. This Wednesday night is going to be real official! I don’t know if you know or not but we have the best party in Dallas/Denton @ Rubber Gloves Denton TX. “THe PArty” will be in full effect. This is Natures third release party for his mix cds. They are free and like I labeled the entry “better than free crack”. Come out if you are busy, and come out if your not busy. 2 dollar wells make the night so much more pleasent.
Music spans across the board….so come out to hear a little of everything…bmore, baile, uk grime, hiphop, reggae, indie… music. my page

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Last DSVC Meeting until September!

The DSVC short for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, will be hosting their final meeting of this season with Paul Kepple, A.D. and Jude Buffum, G.D. from Headcase Design. These two have been seriously crushing it over the past few years, so this should be a great meeting.

The meeting takes place at Cityplace // 2711 N Haskell Avenue // Dallas, Texas 75204

Admission is free for members // $20 for non-members // $10 for students
6-7pm // Catered reception
7-8pm // Speaker presentation

Free Cone Day

Is there anything more satisfying than a big giant scoop of Ben & Jerry’s? All the flavors live together in perfect harmony, side by side with each other, oh lord, why don’t we?. So peaceful and tasty.

Today, there is something better. How about a FREE scoop of Ben & Jerry’s.

My personal fav was Festivus, which was renamed to Gingerbread Cookie and is usually available around Christmas.

There are a few in the Metroplex…Plano & McKinney are the first to come to mind.

You can get your free cone from noon until 8pm. Expect long lines.

This Should Be An Unnecessary Post

I’m trying to avoid making blanket statements, but have the people in Dallas lost their senses of humor? If one were to use the comments to my recent “Neighborhood” post as the benchmark, the answer would be yes.

My post was SATIRE. It was an attempt to poke fun at something that I have observed over the eleven years that I’ve lived in the DFW area. Not that I’m comparing my piece of crap post to this, but have any of you read A Modest Proposal? Do you really believe that Swift was advocating the eating of Irish babies? No, it was SATIRE.

The nascent idea of the post was a running joke among my friends. I love Williams Chicken. In my opinion, they have the best fried chicken in the industry. However, Williams Chicken stores are (typically) located in really bad areas. Add to that the odd prevalence of liquor stores in low income areas and you get the root of satire magic.

My post was a satirical attempt to highlight the dichotomy of DFW life; really life in any large metropolitan area. There is a HUGE difference between what you find in a low income areas vs middle-class or higher areas.

Here are some typical businesses that you see in large quantities in low income areas: pawn shops, payday loan stores, liquor stores, industrial warehouses, convenience stores.

Do you think that you’ll ever see a convenience store that sells “rock kits” of glass tubes and SOS pads in Frisco? Hell no. They can’t afford the rent. The companies that can afford it are Starbucks, Banks, PF Chang’s, Chipotle, Central Market, and Target.

Do you find it odd that it’s difficult to find a liquor store in the ‘burbs? I’m not talking about beer or wine stores, but stores that actually sell hard liquor. I have to drive twenty minutes from North Garland to get to the closest one. Do you find it odd that it’s difficult to find a pawn shop in Richardson?

Brian from Art Prostitute says in his comment that I’m a racist. I would have liked to believe that someone so involved in the arts would understand that there is more to a piece that just what you see with a quick glance at the surface.

My shit may not be good, but it certainly is art.

And also another quick thought. Are the only posts that people are interested in posts about gallery shows and openings? Lately, it seems that all the new posters are getting shit for posting anything else. I applied here because I’ve been a reader for a while and the posts dried up and I thought I could offer a different perspective.

Spring Open Studios in Deep Ellum!

The Continental Gin is hosting their open studios this weekend which will feature the work of 25 artists. So check it out if you are going to be around.

Friday April 28th // 5-9 PM
Saturday April 29 // 2-8 PM

The lofts are located at 3309 Elm St.

500X Call for Entries – Sat 29th and Sun 30th April!

500X Gallery
25th Annual Open Show
May 6 – 27, 2006
$25 per entry

The Open Show is an ideal opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in one of Texas’ oldest alternative galleries. Run by a co-operative of artists, 500X Gallery is a high profile environment for emerging artists.

Artwork of any media will be accepted at the gallery on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th & April 30th from 8am-8pm. Work should not exceed 72″ square wall space. Larger works will require higher entry fees.

modern house tour

Yes, I know, it’s a sign of maturity when real estate makes you slobber more than porn. On that note, there’s much to slobber about this weekend. Modern house tour. By White Rock Lake. Creammmmmmm. I really do plan to go. Heard two of the architects on NPR this morning. Can you say anti-McMansion? If you’re looking for motivation to get those multi-millions streaming into those empty pockets, here’s some details:

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