One Bourbon, One Shot, One Phone Call

I really don’t want to come off like a hypocrite here. After all, I have so many opportunities to do that on other issues. But the recent ballyhooed TABC crackdown on “public intoxication” in bars just makes me want to make a couple of points.

First, anyone who has been out and about with my circle of friends knows we get loud, profane and boisterous. We argue silly and inane points, yell at each other from across the bar, and garner enough looks from the uninitiated to make anyone skeptical. This is regardless of how much alcohol has been consumed.

Last night, after picking my roommate up from the airport, we went to No Frills Grill. Since I’m still boozeless through Lent, I didn’t have one sip of alcohol — but if a field agent uses the same criteria they used when they arrested Burton Byers, the guy in an Irving hotel bar, I would have so been in jail Tuesday night.

Second, Our Fearless Mayor Laura Miller actually signed off on this operation. At a time when Dallas is already trying to mend fences with the convention business — after a decade of twiddling their thumbs and watching millions of tourism dollars fly elsewhere — the city is now the laughingstock of the nation. Again. Never mind that “Operation Last Call” is state-wide: the perception is that it’s happening primarily in Dallas because of the Byers story. Yeah, we need this.

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