Email Providers Set to Charge Some Senders!?

I read this article today in the Dallas Morning News which got me thinking about this not so new possibility of charging web postage. It has been a rumor that has surfaced a few times in the past few years. Only this one sounds different because the intent is wrapped up in securing that your email will not be filtered out with incoming SPAM.

I hate to hear news like this, just as much as I hate SPAM. It feels like a brainchild of a marketing firm that has been milling over the possibilities of how to slap a charge on each and every email sent ever since hotmail was the rage. First it was the ploy that it was putting the US Postal Service out of work, now this is what’s next…pay so you can get certified email amid all the junk email.

I hate SPAM as much as anyone, and I have tried and tried to get information on who writes and sends this stuff and why. It leads me to theorize that anti-virus, and internet safe-guard companies might be one source. Why are all the new SPAM slipping through your existing filters? Maybe it’s because there needs to be some sort of testing of the system and reason to charge an update? (That’s an unruley remark that I’m probably going to have to pay for in excessive SPAM now. )

SPAM can’t be that lucative. Do people really fall for it? And if so, what’s to stop SPAMers from figuring out ways to send this new certified email? What’s to stop big corporations and wealthy spammers from paying for and sending direct certified email marketing? (…aka…SPAM that has been paid to be sent to your inbox) It’s already sent to your mail box in the form of printed postcards, fake letters, and ad-filled newspapers.

Where are all the articles on where SPAM actually comes from? Who is writing it? And how we can stop recieving it? I’d rather pay for an investigation than for certified email.

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