Art on the South Side

Survey says that a cold front is a comin’. So get ready to bundle up tomorrow…finally. We’ve been spoiled into forgetting that it was winter.

So this is what it’s come down to. Posting small talk about the weather!?

I did go to Dallas this weekend…to the Casket Factory Art Expo. Saturday night was the time to be there as there were hundres of art dealers, collectors and the casual scenesters that were all there to canoodle with each other and the 11 galleries from all over Texas that were on display. I made some great contacts, some new friends, and saw some great, and not-so-great art. It was originally to be held at an actual casket factory, but was re-located at the last minute to the next building over, in the Southside Lofts. Since I was there all day, manning the Art Prostitute showcase wall, I had the chance to visit the cafe that is located on the bottom floor a few times. I was pleasantly surprised at the food and the service. Both were excellent, especially for a little cafe tucked away in what seemed like the basement of the building. I’d return if I ever found myself on the South Side of Dallas and not running for my life, or being haggled for smokes and change.

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