conspiracy theory or future foretold?

I am not big on conspiracy theories, but this thing did sound rather wild. People who don’t want to talk about what they have seen? Not sure that I buy that since you would think someone would be looking to make a buck off information like that… but then again, maybe no one would believe them, or they would feel for some reason their lives would be in danger. Who knows.

There was this girl that I went to high school with who was in the Mason’s group for young girls – the Rainbows. I met her when we were both freshman and she tried to recruit me, and successfully recruited some others. My mom told me that they (the Masons) were known for secret rituals and excluding certain groups of people from their organization, and that I would not be joining. I was disappointed at the time – first year in high school and trying to fit in, this would have been an instant group of friends that would also have activities. My disappointment faded, and these days, this wacky little thing called the internet makes information on groups like this more readily available, just in case your child (or future offspring, in my case) comes home one day and says they need money and your signature to join some pseudo-cult – you can look up said pseudo-cultto find out if the cult teachings are in line with how you are raising your child, or if they make animal sacrifices for fun in lieu of the standard Friday night football game.

Maybe if the Wright Amendment is lifted recreational trips to see things like this first hand would be more affordable.

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  1. zayn (unregistered) on November 14th, 2005 @ 10:41 am

    one has to be careful these days…once i joined a yoga center in nyc that turned out to be a cult…they gave me strange tea and wanted me to leave the state with a smiling group to meet “the creator of the universe” who lived in rural arizona…thank god for the internet!

  2. TS (unregistered) on November 14th, 2005 @ 11:20 am

    Apparently someone has been enjoying too much of the coke and peanuts on one specific airline. The only major airline at Love field is apparently Southwest and they have been brainwashing people into believing they are the only lowfare airline in town. Well, DFW has plenty of low fare airlines: Air-Trans, ATA, America West, and Frontier to name just a few that offer service. Southwest is MORE THAN WELCOME to join in the fun. Instead of competing on a level-playing surface, they are enjoying a virtual monopoly at Love field. They could come to DFW and help lower the fares so EVERYONE could enjoy them. All airlines typically will match lower fares in the same market. So that would mean thousands more people could share the benefit of lower fares in any markets Southwest chooses to fly. Additionally, with more people keeping their jobs because of a strong/efficient airport that is centrally located, that would be a win-win situation. See for some more facts on the reasons to support DFW and not just one airline who is already making ton’s of money.

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