flu shots

Today is the first day that normal people can get flu shots through Dallas County. Although I am high risk, up until now I was not willing to do a re-play of last year – waiting in a HUGE line at Tom Thumb with tons of old folks. I did not know that yesterday was the last day for high risk until yesterday afternoon, so my only option before getting on a plane was to go early this morning to the Dallas County Health and Human Services Building off Stemmons Freeway. I got there at 7:15 and there were only three other people there waiting. Once they let us in (yes, they will make you wait outside in the cold) at 7:45, I filled out the sheet, paid the $20 and went back to where they told me to go. I was the first person to get a shot (not all the people waiting outside were there for the shot) and out the door before 8am.

If you want a flu shot get it now before the media gets everyone stirred up. There was one news station there this morning. Never saw the reporter, just the van and equipment. And if you are going here, go early – it worked out great.

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