Eavesdroppings Aftermath

So I went to the Grapevine last night to meet up with my friend Jon like planned. No one that might have read the previous post stopped by to say hello, but the evening was not without fun random encounters. Jon brought along his friend Chelsea, who I was able to make random connections to…she happened to have been in a few of my classes at UNT, and she used to worked with my brother. She’s here in town for a while between her globetrotting. She’s what you call a “professional pioneer.” We all settled down at a table on the patio and allowed the night to unfold.

Our first table guest was a guy who was handing out flyers for a new pizza joint on McKinney Ave, called Campania Pizza and More. At first he seemed a bit like a missionary for cheese, making sure to go through the menus he handed us and explain why each item was better than the next. We vouched that we’d sometime have to try this new place out, per his persistence and enthusiasm, and then he was off to spread the word. I’m guessing when his menus were exhausted, he returned to our table with his friend, an official Bali’s fitness instructor. Together they were quite the powerhouse of energy. At first the conversation continued a bit with the topic of this new pizza joint, and departed somewhere between discussing a well-endowed cop showering at Bali’s, and proving just how good a sub sandwich is by gesturing it crammed into a place where the sun don’t shine. I think I might have to try one of those subs.

We all sat in the cold, drinking, smoking, talking, and laughing. Our laughter seemed to be contagious, and soon we found that more and more people had started finding their way to the patio. Things were starting to warm up with more people around. Soon we were joined by another warm body

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