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Art Prostitute Issue 06 DFW Release Party this Saturday (3 Sep) in Denton

SEPT 03 // 7:00-LATE
Art Prostitute Issue 06 Release Party (with special guests TBA)

Art Prostitute Gallery
210 E. Hickory // Denton, TX 76201

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Art Prostitute Issue 06 features interviews and artwork from the Clayton Brothers, Seonna Hong, Florencio Zavala, and Brendan Monroe. This is your chance to pick up your copy before it hits the stands. Also come out and meet the guys that built this little ship called Art Prostitute. If you miss the event and still want to check out the new issue, check Tower Records soon, or come by the Art Prostitute Gallery in Denton.

Salad Days Re-Opening This Friday (2 Sep) in Dallas!!!

The Salad Days: September 2 – September 26, 2005

OPENING RECEPTION FRI. SEP 2 :: 4:30 – 7:30 pm

301 N. Crowdus St. (behind Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum)
DALLAS, TX 75226

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Tiffany Bozic is a Southern belle. She is not Scarlet O’Hara screaming blankly at the horizon, but the salt and dirt freckles of the earth she stands on, legs strong, eyes open. She is the kind of woman that, if photographed, should have the wind in her hair and a tall sky behind her. She is open, laid out like a picnic. Her paintings are her handmade invitations, elegant lines on wooden parchment. “Eat, eat, “they say with outstretched palms and fiery intelligence. And I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s turned her down.

Born: 1979 on a goat farm in Arkansas to a schoolteacher (mother: Avis) and an electrician (father: Fred). From an early age, her creative impulse was spurred on by her older brother and sister. The three of them would compete to see who could create the most perfect world on paper. They drew themselves, each other. Tiffany


Our metblogging friends in New Orleans are talking about the storm.

Courage friends. Stay safe.

Bret Easton Ellis coming to town

While I was on my way back to my new place from my old place last Sunday I heard something in passing on the radio (KDGE) about them talking to Bret Easton Ellis on an upcoming show and that he was also going to DJ for a bit (I think it was the Adventure Club).

Anywho, that got me to thinkin’ – why would he be doing this? One reason – promotion. Of what? A new book. I was right. They don’t make this book tour stuff easy to find by way of google but I did think to look at the publishers site (an obvious place to start… still wish a google hunt down could have gotten me the same thing). Get to the list on there and Dallas is on it. Some place in East Dallas. Then I started looking to see if they have a site. Google helps out here. I find their site and choose to look at events. They have the Ellis event listed, but there is one problem – they have it listed to be at Theatre Three in the Quadrangle rather than their store. I wish these people would get their info straight before they run off and each publish to their respective websites. In this day and age of technology I guess there have to be screw ups some where.

Ok… back to topic… I first read “Less than Zero” in high school, and then “The Rules of Attraction.” I was a big dork in high school. Not popular at all. I didn’t really date, and I didn’t go to many dances (only two my senior year… had a boyfriend then… someone needed to show him the way to the orthodontist… his teeth were bad… real bad). I was fat for most of the time until I discovered the wonders of ephedrine from a pill-popping-drill-teamer and lost a ton of weight. I still wore baggy clothes because that was what I was used to. I took some fashion cues from little things in movies and television (still do actually… not a goth chick but if I am going out and wearing some black something or other, shiny, black toes do look pretty hot).

Crap… where was I… oh yeah… anyways, I called the bookstore in question yesterday and found out it is at Theatre Three on September 20th and there are tickets to be bought – according to the person I talked to they are $28 for Writer’s Garrett members and $34 for non-members. I guess I am going to have to go to this since I really would like to have any of the mystery that captivated my once young and impressionable mind dispelled by the reality of the author in person (don’t know what exactly will do this until I go but I am sure it will… this has been the case with other things… like the popular kids that I went to school with… I went to my reunion and wound up hanging out with all of them and hearing about all the wild debauchery that went on back then… and realizing now that I am glad that I was never a part of it… if that makes me somewhat prudish, I could care less… it never dawns on most kids that there will be plenty of time for all that when they are adults and better equipped to handle it).

If I am going to go to this thing I need to re-read at least one of them and maybe read the new book “Lunar Park.” This means that I will have to buy all of them as the first two disappeared some where between then and now. I still have “American Psycho” but never finished it. I saw part of the movie but the book was far more graphic. Hehehe… after looking all this up I saw the un-cut version of the movie last night on sale at Target.

As for the current book, I read the synopsis and looked at the site, and then at this site. I wonder if the Photoshop jobs on that one are intentionally bad or the person who did them just did a really bad job. Either way, that is a huge tip off as to the fictional side of things… that and the supposed “movies” the woman is working on don’t exist.

Robert Bechtle Exhibit at Ft. Worth Modern…last day to see this Sunday!

Hurry hurry, and go see he Robert Bechtle retrospective before it’s gone!!!. I had the chance to finally head over to Ft. Worth last weekend and check it out. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to check it ALL out because it is such a HUGE exhibit. His drawings and watercolors had me stunned and drooling, and by the time I broke free of their grasp, I kept turning corners and finding whole rooms full of more work! I am hoping that I can find the time, and the gas money, to make it back to Ft. Worth this weekend to get a final glimpse at this amazing body of work.

The show runs only till this Sunday Aug 28th! Check out all the info on the Robert Bechtle exhibit and the Ft. Worth Modern at

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The Modern galleries are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; Friday 10 am to 8 pm; Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. The Modern is closed Mondays and on holidays, including New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

3200 Darnell Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107
817.738.9215 — Toll-free 1.866.824.5566
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The DFW metro area is nearly 9,000 square miles big.
The 2003 population of the DFW metro area was nearly six million.
In 2002, white-identified citizens made up nearly 58% of total DFW metro area population.
The 2003 cost-of-living index rates the DFW metro area as 95.6, the U.S average being 100.
There were over 20 million visitors to the DFW metro area in 2003.
DFW metro area retail sales in 2003 totaled nearly 88 billion dollars.


zayn car sept 2005.jpg

…spending so much time dating in Dallas…what makes this a good place to go on a date…hmmmm…there are more places to eat per capita in Dallas than in any other city in the world (I believe this is true)…and if you’re a sports fan…plenty of popular movie venues…the club scene could be worse…most Dallasites have roomy apartments or houses, so a couple can always hang at home, watch TV, eat, and etc…the highway system is good enough to make getting to your date less than a hassle (compare NYC)…hhmmmmm…dating…would be interesting to take cell pics of people out on dates…would this legal?

crosswords not doing it for you any more?

Here is a nice online mind phuck. I hate this thing but it keeps sucking me back in.

Guerilla Drive-In

I ran across this post on the Art Prostitute web forum for these Guerilla Drive-In events taking place here in Dallas and it sounded like a lot of fun. Here’s the post:
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I am hosting a series of Guerilla Drive-In events in downtown Dallas. The films are projected onto a blank wall in different spots located throughout dallas, and you get the audio through your radio. I will be doing this for the whole month of August.

For more info you can contact me at:

Thank you,
-Garrett S.
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You think he would have at least stolen the snack bag…

The office I work at got broken into on Saturday night. I’m glad my boss got to work this morning before I did (the alarm went off Saturday night, so he knew then anyway) or I would have been freaking out. Probably would have ended up in a corner in the fetal position. Crying and sucking my thumb. Someone broke the glass door and the kicked in the door to the side office where the safe is (we have security tape of it)…and tried to steal the safe. By himself. One guy and a fireproof safe.

I dunno if any of you guys have ever tried to move a fireproof safe, but for serious…you can’t do it. Not by yourself, anyway. They’re really heavy. Once, I got my finger closed in the door and I started to cry.

What a friggin’ idiot. Obviously, the guy knew what he was going for (so it was someone who’d been here before)…but the stuff that’s in the safe is really mostly only valuable to the admin. girls (me and my coworker). Bookkeeping stuff.

NOTE TO ANYONE BREAKING INTO A SAFE: unlike in the movies, not all safes contain gold bars and priceless jewelry. And trying to steal the ENTIRE safe makes NO sense…when you’re in an office, which contains computers and computer equipment which are NOT in a safe. AND when the safe key is literally two feet from the safe…and is not only not hidden, but LABELLED.

Not to mention if you’re able to roll the safe outside (think strong-man competitions where they have to lift tires end-over-end), how the crap are you going to get it in your car? Obviously, you can’t lift it.

And wash your friggin’ hands. There are visible fingerprints where the guy touched. Like he’d been eating fried chicken or something only moments before. Yeesh…

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