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Goss Gallery

Yea, I know there’s nothing new about queer + art, but this gallary via Kenny Goss is worth checking out. Since the DMA is not my fave museum in the area, galleries are a nice slice of urbane here in the Wild White Collar West of DFW.

Look! A New Baby…

Stop by and say hello to the newest member of the metroblogging family – Detroit! Tell ’em Dallas sent ya.

I went from webcams and serial hook-ups to seriously dating guys with Jim

…i wonder if malcolm x really was gay…it makes sense…i don’t think dallas likes him much like maybe ny…but i hope he was…cause i love love love malcum x…i even try to look like him…i wonder why our dallas website is doing so poorly…maybe we just don’t have much to say here…dallas is about doing stuff not thinking or writing…it’s about doing stuff with your body…funny how ever since i moved to the mckinney ave highland park turtle creek area i just don’t care about serious stuff anymore…except sunday school and being skinny…and my groovy new p-starck knock-offs…and i care about my mother coming to visit…do you think that oak lawn is becoming more hetero?


So, like, what’s the deal? Do urbanites in Dallas still identify as “liberal” or “conservative”? I know lots of Queer Republicans and lots of Christian Socialists. Well, some. Maybe we don’t really give a shit about religion–as-politics around here in cowboy-land despite all the churches. Most of the rest of the urban-USA is all caught up in charismatic movement, which ain’t all for the worst (since I’m a big monotheist spiritualist) I guess, oh–maybe we’re catching up…even at my liberal UU church we get into the soul thang…which makes us liberals pretending to act out conservative Christian to grow, I guess. Bla Bla Bla…gotta make some extra bucks to shop!

I think the veal died of loneliness

There’s something slightly vulgar about the photos, but has fabulous reviews of local eats.

my trip to northpark…in pictures.

This is me outside Neiman Marcus.  What you don't know is that those sunglasses AREN'T designer.  OOoooohhh...SNAP!Oh man…so I got tired of sitting on my couch, watching The Simpsons yesterday, so I figured I’d take a trip over to Northpark, aka the most unmall-scented mall ever. It’s the closest mall to wear I live.

I discovered upon arrival that Northpark has an entire wing that I was previously completely unaware of. What’s more, this wing has an Anthropologie. AND a colony of well-dressed mall-walkers. (I tried to take a picture, but my stealth was no match for their speed.)

I’m assuming that this wing is going to be used for the Nordstrom, which is opening soon…according to the HUGE sign at the end. Yes!! This is awesome for me ’cause pretty much on a daily basis, I think to myself…”Yanno…Dallas doesn’t have NEARLY enough overpriced department stores in our malls…can’t we just open JUST ONE MORE Neiman Marcus?” Behold! Nordstrom! Neiman Marcus’ bastard cousin.

I felt really trendy, like, the whole time. It was awesome. I found that it’s really hip to have a hole in your jeans. (Matador pants are also in style, but I was on an escalator when I went past them…so no picture.) Completely exciting, you guys! Mainly ’cause my jeans had a big hole in them, too! Was I cheating the style gods by owning a $20 pair of jeans that I got several years ago and have actually worn a hole in? After all…why spend $19.50 at Old Navy when I can spent $128 at Express! AND not have to do all the work of actually breaking in my jeans!!

I walked by this sign and it made me a little uncomfortable.

Whatever happened to Bath and Body Works? There’s so much useless stuff in there now. And there’s this neverending stream of perky employees seeing how I’m doing and giving me free things. And they don’t have my lotion anymore. Jerks.

Dudes…I have this advice for you: It doesn’t matter how secure you are in your masculinity or how many of your Dude-Bras you’re hanging out with or how many girls you can get with in one drunken night…pink is NOT a man color. EVER.

There are a lot of shirts telling me how awesome it is to be blonde. I wouldn’t know.

All-in-all…the mall was fun. As fun as the mall can be, anyway. I left Northpark feeling a little wiser and a little more fulfilled. Then drove around listening to “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen and felt AWESOME.

On an unrelated note, Tuesday nights at Down Bar = Fun. My friend Vincent plays sax in some jazz ensamble (sp?)…so he’s there every Tuesday and had been bugging me to go for some time. It was nice to see Vincent and the atmosphere was pretty cool and it was really easy to buddy up with the people there…despite the creepy guy who hit on me but wouldn’t pay for my drink. At one point, I literally had to yank my hand away from his…

But I think I have a new Tuesday night ritual.

Set Love Free

Today, under the sponsorship of Senator John Ensign from Nevada, joined by Senators John McCain from Arizona, Sam Brownback from Kansas, and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut; a U.S. Senate bill was introduced that would amend the 26-year old Wright Amendment.

Those of us enslaved to DFW airport salute you!

Tan lines, etc…

I’ve been lazy about updating lately. My life has consisted mostly of beer and frozen pizza lately, so there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about.

I went to Hurricane Harbor this past weekend with my buddy Matt. I made a decision before I even left my apartment that I would NOT wear sunscreen (my pale skin is in need of some color…and I’m past being picky about what color that is) and now my skin hurts. It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill water park. Nothing remarkable.

I’m getting increasingly creeped out by my downstairs neighbor. I live in a semi-shady apartment complex (which isn’t as bad as my former residence at TimberCreek. Do NOT move in there…). But I usually feel pretty safe ’cause there are tons of families in the complex and my friend Ryan lives in the building next to mine. When my roommate and I first moved into our place, we noticed that every time we went downstairs to our cars, our downstairs neighbor would come out of his apartment and watch us until we left. This prompted my roommate to never go outside without her boyfriend and me (since I’m boyfriendless) to just go down the stairs really quietly. The man looks for any excuse to come outside. Yesterday, I was taking the trash out by putting it next to the door on our little balcony area. He must have heard me open the door because he came outside, looked up at me, simply said “trash” and went back inside.

But I think I hurt his feelings.

The other night, I was wandering home from Ryan’s and my neighbor was sitting in his idling car, listening to rap and smoking a cigarette. I took no notice as this is a really common site in my apartment complex. I was about to go upstairs when I heard “…’sup.” I simply said “hi” in a slightly annoyed tone and kept going, when he replied “MAN…I see you EVERY DAY. WHY you never talk to me?!”

Awww…I made him sad.

…What a weirdo. Time for me to get some mace and a guard dog.

It Won’t Be Much Longer…


Yippee! Only 3 and a half more weeks until this madness befalls us! What would Jesus buy at IKEA®?

Metroblogging London

Our sister site in London covers the bombings with grassroots reporting you might not read on other sites.

I was also forwarded this comment which is phlegmatic in a way that only the British seem to command.

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