We Built this City on Rock & Roll

Okay. I know that The Nasher Sculpture Center does its free Thursday night thing and has been for a while now, but I’m pretty out of the loop as to what goes on downtown, so I hadn’t made it over there until last night.

Anyone who says that Dallas is lacking in culture doesn’t know Dallas. I got a lot of that when I first moved here…and while it’s true that we’re not as qwerky as cities like Austin or even Ft. Worth, Dallas suprises me every now and then with just how cool it can be.

The crowd in the Arts District was HUGE, but most of them were on blankets on the lawn of the DMA. The John Adams Band was playing, which would have been really exciting if I had any idea who they are. But the whole atmosphere was really cool and communal despite $4 domestics ($4.50 shiners?!) at the drink tent.

Nasher was amazing. My friend Marcie and I were feeling all artsy and inspired by the time we left. Where else in Dallas can you see Pablo Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein in one place?

Isaac Hayes on the DMA lawn tonight. Maybe I’ll bring $4 for a beer.

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