Reason #217 Why I Don’t Go To Bars In The Suburbs

Dallasites seem quite enamored of valet parking, but personally I dislike it. A car thief treats your car better than a parking valet. Valets have gotten in wrecks in my car twice. Plus, when I’m ready to leave I want to get in my car and go home. I hate standing in the huddle outside the restaurant waiting for someone to drive my car 50 feet. (Note: When I use the valet I always tip well. They are providing a service that I used, however grudgingly.)

We went to Cool River this weekend. I know, I know. Cool River is pretentious, but we were in that neighborhood. The restaurant has marked off practically the entire lot for valet parking. That is just silly since there is so much open land in that area that could be used for parking.

I self parked in an area that wasn’t coned off for valet, but the valets were using it for that purpose. The valet parked me in and chastised me. I kid you not – the valet got into an argument with me before I even got in the door to the restaurant. I’d be angry except it was so stupid that I have to laugh. Hey Cool River – you don’t make money on valet parking. How about letting me in the door to buy a drink?

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  1. GEddieG (unregistered) on February 15th, 2005 @ 4:06 pm

    You’ve already policed your own actions! Mistake number one: Going to Cool River.

    That having been said, at least you found good humor in the nasty valet parking dilemma. You’re right, Dallas has very little going for it except this wealth of land that could be used for parking our own cars.

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