And I Live In A “Good” Neighborhood

This is our neighborhood watch’s weekly crime report. It’s pretty representative of what I get every week. Scary. I wonder why Highland Park has so many policemen in those shiny big SUVs that you don’t dare go 1 mile over the speed limit, and yet I’ve never seen a cop in my part of town?

Burglary of a motor vehicle, car parked in the veterinary parking lot. Unknown suspect broke the left front window and took a purse containing cell phone, money, credit cards and ID out of a Nissan Murono. No suspect information.

Burglary at the residence. Unknown suspect entered residence by prying open a rear window. House has been ransacked and there is undetermined loss at this point. Suspect vehicle is a silver ragtop four-door Volvo, unknown license. Suspects listed as (1) white female, age 27; (2) white male; (3) white female. No further information.

Burglary at the residence. Unknown suspect got in by unknown means. Took some cash and jewelry from the location. Complainant was at work during the offense. No further information.

Robbery of an individual. Complainant is a white female, age 68. Suspect vehicle is a newer model Ford F150 Pick-up, license 7JG-F46. Suspect 1 listed as a white male, age 30, 5’10”, weight 175. Suspect 2 listed as white male, age 30. Complainant was walking on the sidewalk between Party City and Steinmart. Suspect 1 ran up to her and said, “Give me your purse”. She refused. Suspect 1 grabbed her purse and sung her around against the brick wall. Suspect 1 then jerked the purse off her shoulder and ran back into the parking lot and jumped into the bed of the waiting pickup truck driven by suspect 2. Complainant had a 2″ scrape on the back of her hand from being pushed against the wall. Complainant began screaming. Several shoppers ran to her aid. Some witnesses chased after Suspect 1 in the parking lot. The pickup started backing up to go in a different direction. Suspect 1 pulled out a handgun and threatened the witnesses to keep back. Suspects drove through the parking lot and exited onto Mockingbird going westbound towards Central Expressway. Based on the info provided by the witnesses, Police from the NE Division went to the residence of record for the pickup truck in South Oakcliff that day. The Pickup was not there. They returned the next day and found the pickup and after a discussion with the owner they made an arrest of a Latin male, age 26 on this offense and obtained the name of the second suspect.

Hopefully, this arrest will affect the recent BMV’s we’ve seen at the CVS and other businesses along Mockingbird. But I’d like to ask all of you who receive this to pass on this news to any elderly neighbors near you. They tend not to have email and are often targeted at neighborhood banks and drug stores. And thanks to the info provided by the witnesses, the police were able to make an arrest. If you see a crime in progress, try to get a vehicle tag number and write it down immediately. If you have a photo option on your cell phone, take a picture. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but stay alert. Notice from these reports some of the facts that help the police: suspect gender, age, height and weight; vehicle tag numbers (even part of the license), color, make and model. We all have an interest in fighting crime in our area.

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  1. Les (unregistered) on January 28th, 2005 @ 2:26 pm

    Ragtop Volvo?!#@$

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