No not the kind that toss stuff out vehicle windows, not even the folks who don’t secure items in trucks – it’s the folks that attach sales crap to your front door. I sometimes wonder if this is just a local problem or if everyone in the metroplex shares it. Are there any city ordinances that regulate the distribution of said material to our doors (and streets and lawns)? Are permits required?

I’ve been intending to build a web page with a list of businesses to boycott. The page would have separate categories for bad service, bad business practices (littering, telemarketing) etc. It may be futile. Spam, telemarketing and these ads delivered to your door continue because the work often enough (or so spammers, telemarketers and ad delivery services would claim) to provide a return on investment. The trick is to figure out how to raise the cost and lower the return.

I may be giving these businesses too much credit. I had to file a complaint with the Atty General of the State of Texas to get the DMN to stop calling (as if telling them “no and take me off your call list” more than 30 times in about 6 weeks wasn’t a clear enough message).

Before I expend the energy on this annoyance, does anyone have relevant thoughts/experience to share?

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