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Oak Cliff Restaurant Owner Killed In Botched Ransom Attempt

I’ve mentioned before La Calle Doce and their great octopus and other seafood dishes. I was shocked to hear of the murder of Oscar Sanchez whose family owns and runs La Calle Doce and El Ranchito, another great N. Oak Cliff restaurant. He was killed in a failed kidnap/ransom attempt supposedly carried out by a former employee.

The Thrill Of The Hunt?

Not a lot of sport in this that I can see. Rep. Todd Smith, a Republican from Euless, wants to ban the remote-hunting sites that link a high powered rifle to a digital camera and a high-speed web connection. As Smith says, “The notion of businesspeople in New York skyscrapers killing Texas muledeer by clicking a computer mouse at their desk is difficult for me to take.”

I think if you want to kill an animal, you ought to at least have the guts to be in the same state with it. Go get ’em, Todd.

And I Live In A “Good” Neighborhood

This is our neighborhood watch’s weekly crime report. It’s pretty representative of what I get every week. Scary. I wonder why Highland Park has so many policemen in those shiny big SUVs that you don’t dare go 1 mile over the speed limit, and yet I’ve never seen a cop in my part of town?

Burglary of a motor vehicle, car parked in the veterinary parking lot. Unknown suspect broke the left front window and took a purse containing cell phone, money, credit cards and ID out of a Nissan Murono. No suspect information.

Burglary at the residence. Unknown suspect entered residence by prying open a rear window. House has been ransacked and there is undetermined loss at this point. Suspect vehicle is a silver ragtop four-door Volvo, unknown license. Suspects listed as (1) white female, age 27; (2) white male; (3) white female. No further information.


The latest issue of D-Mag has an article about on-line dating and features a photo-spread with a gaggle of local (female) candidates. As usual with D-Mag, no ugly people need apply. They sure do look a lot different from the rather scary looking sirens that tempted me from Garland and all points East.

Why not have their male counterparts? I would hazard a guess that D-Mag has more female readers who might enjoy the goodies on offer.

What’s Your Starbuck’s Density?


Looks like I’ve got 32 Starbucks within a 5 mile radius of my house. That’s nothing compared to folks who live at 45th and Madison in Manhattan. They’ve got 169 Starbucks within 5 miles.

Go to the Starbucks locator, enter your address, and see what your Starbucks density is. (Note: to find the number of stores, scroll to the bottom of the search listings and find the “(Showing 1-20 of xxx Stores)” text.)

Leave a comment if you can beat my 32.


Bridges By John Fullinwider

I saw this play on Friday night with friends. There are just two performances left this coming Friday and Saturday. Opening night was sold out! The following from the Teatro Dallas site describes the play:

By John Fullinwider

Frequent Flyers Rejoice

Word on the street is that DFW Airport is currently testing Terminal C as a free wireless hotspot.


No not the kind that toss stuff out vehicle windows, not even the folks who don’t secure items in trucks – it’s the folks that attach sales crap to your front door. I sometimes wonder if this is just a local problem or if everyone in the metroplex shares it. Are there any city ordinances that regulate the distribution of said material to our doors (and streets and lawns)? Are permits required?

I’ve been intending to build a web page with a list of businesses to boycott. The page would have separate categories for bad service, bad business practices (littering, telemarketing) etc. It may be futile. Spam, telemarketing and these ads delivered to your door continue because the work often enough (or so spammers, telemarketers and ad delivery services would claim) to provide a return on investment. The trick is to figure out how to raise the cost and lower the return.

I may be giving these businesses too much credit. I had to file a complaint with the Atty General of the State of Texas to get the DMN to stop calling (as if telling them “no and take me off your call list” more than 30 times in about 6 weeks wasn’t a clear enough message).

Before I expend the energy on this annoyance, does anyone have relevant thoughts/experience to share?

On I-30 Saturday 10:11am


Welcome Back Inwood


After a 2 month hiatus for renovation, Dallas landmark the Inwood re-opens tonight with showings of The Assassination of Richard Nixon, and What the $#%& Do We Know. The theater now has new screens, new restrooms, and refurbished auditoriums.

One of my favorite dates is drinks and snacks at the Inwood Lounge, before going to a movie. And then follow that with some pool and drunk-watching at Time Out Tavern. Ahhh, the good life!

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