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2005: The Year of the Fork

While having dinner with my friend, and fellow Blogger, Eva, and this aquaintance of hers, Les, onThursday evening, I was encouraged to make some sort of an entry as my contribution to this new site has thus far amounted to only one.

We were dining at Thai Toy on Lemmon Avenue just west of Wycliff. A favorite hole in the wall vegetarian Thai restaurant that is terrific. Driving home I realized that a lot of my new year’s resolutions centered around food, and that a number of ideas I’ve had for posting here, also centered around food.

So, while you’re waking up on New Year’s Day, hopefully cleared-headed and all in one piece. Here’s a favorite (and the world’s simplest) chili recipe for a football gathering on Saturday or Sunday, or any winter weekend for that matter.

Glenn Eddie’s Easy Chili:

Two pounds turkey
One big assed onion (diced)
One like-sized green pepper (diced)
One can of black beans
One can of kidney beans
One can of pinto beans
One can of diced tomatoes
One can of Rotel tomatoes with chilis
One package of dry Ranch Dressing


This little Swedish (I think) girl’s parents and brother are missing after the Tsunami.


Tsunami Relief

Log in to to send a letter to President Bush & Congress urging them to send urgently needed relief.

From their site – The tsunami in southern Asia and Africa may be the worst natural disaster of our time. Rising to this challenge is at the heart of global leadership, and the world is depending on us.

Americans are generous and ready to step forward, but the U.S. Congress and the Bush administration have made a weak initial contribution to the effort — first offering $15 million and then $35 million when they came under pressure. We believe that:

“President Bush and Congress must offer whatever assistance is necessary to prevent further human suffering in the wake of the tsunami disaster.”

The Road Goes On Forever


I know our fellow blogger Mike will be glad to know that Robert Earl Keen is playing tonight at 7:30 at Bass Hall. He’s got two new live discs coming out and is touring in support.

If you like Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Jeff Walker or Guy Clark, you’ll want to catch this one.

Here’s a sample of Front Porch Song

Free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi hotspots i.e. places you can log into a wireless Internet connection for free (usually with permission) are popping up all over the country. But I only know of two in Dallas.

Crossroads Market on Cedar Springs
Nodding Dog Coffe Company on Bishop

Most wireless users know that they can log into T-Mobile hotspots at Starbucks but where are the free nodes? Please respond with your answers.

If You’re Not Already Proud To Be From Dallas


The Dallas Morning News published a list of inventions and innovations that were spawned right here in the Big D, along with some cool back stories on the often eccentric inventors:

-Low-cost, low-fare flying (Southwest Airlines)
-Frequent flier miles (American Airlines)
-Speak and Spell (TI)
-Digital Light Processing (TI)
-Handheld Calculators (TI)
-The Microchip (TI)
-Liquid Paper (Betty Nesmith, mother of The Monkee’s Michael Nesmith)
-Convenience Stores (Joe C. Thompason)
-Top 40 radio format (Gordon McLendon)
-Bank credit cards (Preston State Bank)
-Range hoods (Vent-A-Hood)
-Voice mail (Gordon Matthews)
-Country clubs (Robert Dedman)
-1-800-Flowers (Carl Wescott)
-The Herkie, a cheerleading jump for those you who didn’t make the squad. (Lawrence Herkimer)
-The ATM (Don Wetzel)
-Pay-at-the-pump (Don Wetzel)
-The Superbowl (Lamar Hunt)
-Statin Drugs (Drs. Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein)
-Aerobics (Dr. Kenneth Cooper)
-Tolltags (David Cook)
-Blockbuster (David Cook)
-Frozen Margarita machines (Mariano Martinez)
-Frozen Yogurt (Julie and Bill Brice)
-Breast cancer awareness (Nancy Brinker)


Was there any news articles about a man threatening to jump onto I-30 eastbound? I took my usual shortcut via Plymouth and noticed two police cars and on the West side of 30 next to the Fort Worth Ave. bridge were three coppers on an embankment trying to talk to a somewhat distressed looking guy who was perfectly secure from their grasp.

About two hours later I-30 was backed up for miles – I am assuming they closed it down to get a hold of him.

So what happened??

Garish is in the eye of the beholder.

“Go back! Go back!” I whipped my head around to try and catch another glimpse. My fiancé rolled his eyes, but he U-turned and entered the subdivision anyway. It was easy to find the house — we just queued up among the rest of the taillights waiting patiently for their turn to round the cul-de-sac.

I’ve never seen anything like it: 40,000 lights. Over 3 miles of wiring. 92 amps of power. All synchronized to flash and shimmer to “Carol of the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” (I know, I know, but picture that cute girl from “Love Actually” instead — it quells the nausea). The mechanical types among you will marvel at the “how it’s done” page.

In Austin, the light display to wait in line for is on 37th Street, a blocks-long cosmic Christmas cross between the college students and hippie stalwarts who call Hyde Park home. I thought nothing could top 37th Street — but Jeff and Bridgette Trykoski’s display is right up there.

If you are one of those that mourn the end of the holiday season, go quick while you can and visit this spectacular spectacle in Frisco… and gawk at how one couple with time to kill (and a fondness for outrageous utility bills, apparently) share their Christmas spirit. We’re going back tomorrow night with a truck full of kids — there isn’t anything like a child to make the most blasé cynic appreciate goodwill and a phalanx of sparkly lights.

The Never Ending Search…

In a city where it seems there are as many Mexican restaurants as days in the year (maybe more??) one’s favourite cantinas are on lists in a constant state of flux.

But when it comes to Pulpo en Salsa de Tomate there is only one destination and that is La Calle Doce. There is the original location in at 415 West 12 St. in Oak Cliff and another at 1925 Skillman in Lakewood. If you like your Mexican food fishy it’s highly recommended.


Pictured: Pulpo en Salsa de Tomate

More Beige-like than White


Well we had a dusting – some areas getting more snow than others. This tranquil scene is Stevens Park Golf Course in N. Oak Cliff.

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