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spring is near and summer will not be far away in dallas. thank god we have lots of air conditioning in this part of texas. and thank god i’m not an “outside person.”

Auntie Em, Auntie Em. It’s A Twister.

At this point I’m 99% positive that some people don’t evacuate just because they are sicktodeath of hearing about the damn storm.


Our metblogging friends in New Orleans are talking about the storm.

Courage friends. Stay safe.

Texas Flood

Enough of the rain and the grayness. It’s supposed to be sunny and hot here all the time. Honestly, Dallasites aren’t fans of bad weather – thus, the hole in the stadium roof which protects fans from precipitation while the players must endure it. When the skies are cloudy and gray the entire city falls into a deep malaise. Or a temper tantrum.

The real problem is that Dallas rain is a bucket of yuck. In the tropics the rain has an incredible “washes the world clean” thing going for it. In the Pacific Northwest rain is often a very gentle drizzle that’s rather nice actually. Dallas rain seems to continually pelt me with filth. I was driving this morning, and the rain seemed to make my windshield more gritty with each passing mile.

Note to Environment: Stop with the rain.

More Beige-like than White


Well we had a dusting – some areas getting more snow than others. This tranquil scene is Stevens Park Golf Course in N. Oak Cliff.

Weather Forecast

It’s Christmas week and appropriately enough it’s going to be very cold by mid-week with lows in the 20s and rain/snow forecast for Wednesday. (Tangentially don’t you just wonder how much fun the high 5 at Central and LBJ is going to be when it ices up?). It’s cold enough already that I was digging though a closet looking for some gloves to wear while out walking the dogs and I noticed a couple of old goose down coats. Despite the fact that they don’t fit anymore I’ve kept them – at least until tomorrow.
The Ole Anti-Christ story (elsewhere in this blog) is in my head for many reasons, not the least of which is how solvable the problem of homelessness is (if every church in America would adopt just two homeless people….). Despite the simplicity of the solution, homelessness in not going to end before the cold front gets here on Wednesday, and the shelters generally aren’t available to the homeless 24 hrs/day there are people who could use those old goose down coats.
So open up your closets and see if there are some coats, hats, gloves, and scarves you aren’t going to wear again and get them to a shelter, Goodwill, whatever. No matter if/what you profess religiously/spiritually – give some gifts this week that will make a real difference in someone

White Christmas in Dallas?

Mike Amundsen forwarded this weather info. And it looks like we might be in for a frosty Christmas. I have plans to ride my motorbike to Banderra Dec 31st, I hope we have a sudden warming spell!

Who remembers snow last Valentine’s Day? Yikes I hope not again!

Freeze the proverbials off you know what…

Although I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for eleven years and have seen many a kilt frozen into a board whilst hanging on the line. I have never been colder than I have in Dallas. It seemed one winter – maybe 1987 – I just never got warm. My drafty house in Little Forest Hills was like an ice-box and I would trudge around with down filled slippers and wooly hats.

Today is pretty nice – around the low 40’s. I rode my motorbike to meet with a client in Las Colinas. Kessler Park to Las Colinas is what? 8-9 miles? I was fine apart from my legs which I had not wrapped in winter garb.

All you drivers out there (we call you cagers) beware of motorbikers!

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