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Metropark Store Launch at NorthPark

Metropark Dallas Launch Party // Thursday May 18, 2006 // Starts at 7pm
NorthPark Center
8687 N. Central Expy
Suite 2110
Dallas, TX 75225
rsvp required:

There will be live painting by Will Rhoten of Decade Clothing alongside live screen-printing of images Brian Gibb of Art Prostitute.

Lust for Life. Metropark is the decisive lifestyle shopping destination for today’s trendsetting young adults, blending fashion, music, and art to offer a rare and inspiring shopping experience. Part club, part street boutique, we are fast becoming famous for our carefully edited multi-brand fashion assortment and dynamic atmosphere.

Our customers have quickly come to trust Metropark for our unmatched product offering featuring fashion designers typically found in the small street boutiques of major metropolitan fashion centers. We are committed to enable the most discriminating trendsetter to develop a wardrobe representing the most current and relevant fashion brands and styles.

Come by Metropark this weekend to see the hottest local DJs spinning live! We’re not your typical mall store, so expect the unexpected at Metropark!

The Photo Place – RIP

I am so sad today. I need to get a roll of slide film processed and the only place here in Denton to get that done within a day was The Photo Place. Now I’m feeling the mourning that hits after you fully realize what was, but now is no more. I’m probably going to have to seek out a death counselor for this one. The Photo Place was my lifeline for 120 and slide film development…and also the highest quality color-adjusted prints you could get in town…and within a day! Damnit, I was so spoiled.

It closed a few weeks ago due to a death of the owner. His widow did not want to keep it open, so it was closed, and the sadness ensued.

Now what?

Well, I must move on. With my undeveloped roll of slide curled up in the fetal position right here next to me on my desktop, I started calling around to find out where to turn. So far, most places I called outsourced their E-6 processing, which takes a week plus to turn-around. I did get a referral to BWC in Dallas, so I called them up. They can develop the film, BUT they told me that it would cost about eight dollars. I re-stated that I just needed the roll processed, not cut up and put into the slide frames, and they responded that if that was the case then it would come to about seven dollars. Unfortunately I am only used to paying only about three dollars for straight processing, so I was sadder still after finding a possible replacement. I’m not sure how just the processing is only one dollar less that the whole slide framing treatment.

So now my quest will continue. I need my slide film processed, and it’s looking like I’ll have to have it sent out with fingers crossed that it will not return all folded up and smashed on its way back to me. I’ll be sure to post more on my search through Dallas, preferably closer to Denton, for a reliable photo place. Please add comments if you happen to have any leads I can follow.

R.I.P. Photo Place – I’m missing you sorely.

I went from webcams and serial hook-ups to seriously dating guys with Jim

…i wonder if malcolm x really was gay…it makes sense…i don’t think dallas likes him much like maybe ny…but i hope he was…cause i love love love malcum x…i even try to look like him…i wonder why our dallas website is doing so poorly…maybe we just don’t have much to say here…dallas is about doing stuff not thinking or writing…it’s about doing stuff with your body…funny how ever since i moved to the mckinney ave highland park turtle creek area i just don’t care about serious stuff anymore…except sunday school and being skinny…and my groovy new p-starck knock-offs…and i care about my mother coming to visit…do you think that oak lawn is becoming more hetero?

my trip to northpark…in pictures.

This is me outside Neiman Marcus.  What you don't know is that those sunglasses AREN'T designer.  OOoooohhh...SNAP!Oh man…so I got tired of sitting on my couch, watching The Simpsons yesterday, so I figured I’d take a trip over to Northpark, aka the most unmall-scented mall ever. It’s the closest mall to wear I live.

I discovered upon arrival that Northpark has an entire wing that I was previously completely unaware of. What’s more, this wing has an Anthropologie. AND a colony of well-dressed mall-walkers. (I tried to take a picture, but my stealth was no match for their speed.)

I’m assuming that this wing is going to be used for the Nordstrom, which is opening soon…according to the HUGE sign at the end. Yes!! This is awesome for me ’cause pretty much on a daily basis, I think to myself…”Yanno…Dallas doesn’t have NEARLY enough overpriced department stores in our malls…can’t we just open JUST ONE MORE Neiman Marcus?” Behold! Nordstrom! Neiman Marcus’ bastard cousin.

I felt really trendy, like, the whole time. It was awesome. I found that it’s really hip to have a hole in your jeans. (Matador pants are also in style, but I was on an escalator when I went past them…so no picture.) Completely exciting, you guys! Mainly ’cause my jeans had a big hole in them, too! Was I cheating the style gods by owning a $20 pair of jeans that I got several years ago and have actually worn a hole in? After all…why spend $19.50 at Old Navy when I can spent $128 at Express! AND not have to do all the work of actually breaking in my jeans!!

I walked by this sign and it made me a little uncomfortable.

Whatever happened to Bath and Body Works? There’s so much useless stuff in there now. And there’s this neverending stream of perky employees seeing how I’m doing and giving me free things. And they don’t have my lotion anymore. Jerks.

Dudes…I have this advice for you: It doesn’t matter how secure you are in your masculinity or how many of your Dude-Bras you’re hanging out with or how many girls you can get with in one drunken night…pink is NOT a man color. EVER.

There are a lot of shirts telling me how awesome it is to be blonde. I wouldn’t know.

All-in-all…the mall was fun. As fun as the mall can be, anyway. I left Northpark feeling a little wiser and a little more fulfilled. Then drove around listening to “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen and felt AWESOME.

On an unrelated note, Tuesday nights at Down Bar = Fun. My friend Vincent plays sax in some jazz ensamble (sp?)…so he’s there every Tuesday and had been bugging me to go for some time. It was nice to see Vincent and the atmosphere was pretty cool and it was really easy to buddy up with the people there…despite the creepy guy who hit on me but wouldn’t pay for my drink. At one point, I literally had to yank my hand away from his…

But I think I have a new Tuesday night ritual.

Shopping for the Good Stuff

If you’re the outdoors type and live in the North Dallas and nosebleed suburbs, get ready for the grand opening of REI Plano this Friday, May 6th. The first 300 people ages 12 and over get a water bottle (woo hoo) and gift cards valued between $5 and $100. The store is located at the NE corner of Preston and Park in Preston Towne Crossing, 2424 Preston Rd. The phone is 972-985-2241. Doors open at 10am. More info at their website.

My favorite outdoor place to shop for outdoor and travel stuff is Whole Earth Provision Company, located across from Mockingbird Station, but that’s just because it’s more convenient.

Shop on!

Get Your Shopping Shoes and Riot Gear On!

Next Saturday and Sunday is the last ever, EVER Chef’s Catalog warehouse sale in Dallas. They’ve been sold, I think, and are moving to Colorado. The sale is on Saturday, April 30th from 9-5 and Sunday, May 1st from 11-4. Chef’s is located at 4121 Pinnacle Point Drive in Dallas. Exit Cockrell Hill Road off I-30 and go south to Pinnacle Point Drive and make a left (east – there will be plenty of Chef’s signs to point the way).

It’s going to be wild, I bet. But, with the warehouse closing, I’m sure there will be deals galore. They also have quite a few gadgets that are non-kitchen related, but it’s mostly kitchen stuff.

All sales are final, but they do take cash, checks and major credit cards.

See you there.

Main Street Arts Festival in Ft. Worth

msartsfest1.jpg msartsfest2.jpg msartsfest3.jpg

If the weather permits, head on over to Main Street in Ft. Worth. Admission is free, food is with the stupid, over-priced coupon system, but there’s plenty of restaurants around there if you prefer to go that route. I’m sure you’ll run across something that’ll turn your head.

A Hidden Gem

Up until a month or so ago, I had not been to The Shops at Willow Bend mall in Plano. Judging by the number of shoppers in this mall, apparently I’m not the only one.

It was almost eerie at how few people there were roaming this place on a Saturday afternoon. The busiest store, by far, was the Apple Store, and even that one was semi-maneuverable. Even though Lord and Taylor will soon be closing, there’s still a Foley’s, Neiman’s, Saks and Dillard’s to round out the big department stores. The specialty shops lean more to women’s clothing, so if that’s your thing, you’d feel right at home.

On the down side, the food court is nothing to write home about. Todai Seafood Buffet is there, and looked to be the best place to try out for me next time. The rest is standard mall fare: Sbarro’s, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, a cheesesteak place, plus a Mexican grill and a few others, along with a Cinnabon (mmmm).

I’m just curious, though. Is this mall going to survive? Is it popular during the holidays? It’s been open for over three years now, and judging from what I’ve seen on two trips there, it can’t last for long at this rate.

I guess we better enjoy the hassle-free shopping while we can, huh? Check them out and post your thoughts in the comments. The mall is located on Park just west of the tollway in Plano.

Bishop Street Market

Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts that are a little different? Check out Bishop Street Market on er, Bishop St in sunny Oak Cliff. Cool collection of cards reminiscent of the sadly missed Ken Knight.


My Favourite Bookshop


Paperbacks Plus on La Vista is my all time favourite bookshop in Dallas. I take all my used books and trade them in for credit at the store which means books that are normally half-price without credit become 1/4 of cover price with! You can get cash if you want but it is not as much. They are always much more generous than HalfPrice Books.

From their website – Paperbacks Plus currently has two used bookstores in the Dallas, Texas area and has been in business for almost thirty years. We sell used books (both hardbacks and paperbacks), CDs, DVDs, LPs, cassettes and video tapes as well as comic books, magazines and 8-track tapes, whether in print or not.

If you are in the Dallas area and have items with which you are finished, you can pay us for up to half of our normal price with trade-ins which are in good condition and for which we have some use. The rates allowed for your materials will vary from 50% of our expected selling price down to a nominal value depending on our judgement of our supply and demand.

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