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Quick’s Big Thing this Thursday…

Thursday, April 24 at The Palladium Ballroom could be the best local live music night in awhile. Ghosthustler, Record Hop and The Party are getting me there and with Polyphonic Spree as the headliner to this FREE show, this has got to be a lock for how you should spend your evening this Thursday. Visit for more details.

Faux Fox, Ghosthustler and The Party at Granada

This is going to be a great time…after all of the art openings we should all go to The Granada. If you are unfamiliar with any of the bands, you can check them out at the links below.

Faux Fox
The Party

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Good Records

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Good RecordsI had the chance to squeeze into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs instore performance at Good Records yesterday. When I arrived, I was unprepared for such a crowd. The place was bursting at the seams with what felt like a million kids weilding camera phones. It was the first time I had been to Good Records to find it this sweaty and packed. It felt like a sauna, but it was just the 300 or so people all breating heavy while jammed in the isles between the cd racks. Everyone waited as patiently as they could in the moments before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would step on stage despite the uncomfortable body heat and humidity. When the band made it on stage, we were all treated to a nice intimate acoustic set of about four songs from their latest album. It was a nice little teaser to their show that night at the Gypsy Tea Room. I didn’t get a chance to go to that performance, but I thought I’d post these few shots of the packed house at Good Records.

Good Records has a ton of great acts popping in to perform a small set. Check out their upcoming instore calendar for who’s performing next.

SORTA Album Release Party at Art Prostitute

Friday August 18, 2006 (6-9PM)
Art Prostitute Gallery // 2919-C Commerce St. // Dallas, TX 75226
This release party will be accompanied by artwork by Texas artists, on view the night of the release party only. Each artist created a piece of work inspired by a track of Sorta’s new album “Sad But True.” The artists involved are…

Paul Flores // Kevin Obergon
Bentley Tibbs // Lindsey Havens
Ross High // Tammy T
Pablo // Mike Arreaga
Rita Henry // Patrick Lewis
Sherri Johnson // Quincy
Richard Winfield // Trey Johnson

So come on by, give the album a listen, have a beer and enjoy yourself.
The new CD will be available for purchase and will be accompanied by a nice gift bag.

For more on the band visit their website

Record Hop Show Tonight!

Tonight one of my favorite bands, that also happen to be local, are playing at Rubber Gloves in Denton. If you are an indie rock head and have never seen Record Hop, then don’t miss this one. I know it is a bit of a drive, but man will it be worth it. So no more complaining about having nothing to do. If you want a preview of Record Hop go to the music section of Art Prostitute and you can listen to a few tracks and read an interview. Hit up Rubber Gloves for directions. $5 cover and if your used to drinking in Dallas, your loot is gonna go a lot further at this bar! See you there…

SXSW Pre-Parties

Let’s face SXSW is expensive to attend for a lot of people. When it comes down to it, how many shows are you actually going to see, moreover are you going to these shows just so you don’t feel cheated out of your money. So what do you do, when you want to have a SXSW experience but not be out of all your cheddar? You go to SXSW pre-parties. These are the day parties that are not festival endorsed that actually end up getting more favorable press than a lot of the label showcases. In some cases bands that are playing the festival play these to get away from the grind that is SXSW and have some fun. Oh yeah and their free…with comp drinks or ridiculously cheap drinks, which is more than I can say for Austin bars during SX. Here are 2 parties that Art Prostitute has gotten down with and are definitely worth attending.


zayn%20von%20dutch.jpgWhat band or type of music would you say best represents or exemplifies Dallas? In the 1980s or 1990s, I would have opted for some blues or blues-based sound/band such a ZZ Top or Stevie Ray Vaughn or The Rolling Stones [note that I’m not interested in what Dallas-based bands, despite nods to them over the years, best typify the Dallas sound or attitude]. If Dallas were a band, it would be __________________?

Rock Lottery 7 – This Weekend (OCT 15th) in Denton

If you guys haven’t checked out the Rock Lottery ever, this weekend you’ll have your chance.

Saturday, October 15th 2005 (10:00PM)
Early admission is $15.00*. General admission is $10.00.
Dan’s Silver Leaf 103 Industrial Street Denton, TX.
Doors open at 9:00PM. Event starts promptly at 10:00PM.

The idea behind Rock Lottery 7 is twenty-five North Texas musicians collaborating on a impromptu performance. 25 musicians across all generes of music are picked to partcipate. The 25 names go into a hat, then randomly drawn to form their new band for the evening. Each randomly paired band is then given 12 hours to rehearse and be ready to preform their results for us all. The musicians this year include band members from The Polyphonic Spree, Baptist Generals, Bosque Brown, Mandarin and The pAperchAse.

For more info on the Rock Lottery 7 check out some of these links:

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