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Burger me fine

I curse my friend who pointed me to Wingfield’s on Beckley. This tiny hole-in-the-wall diner serves burgers and breakfast. The counter is kind of strangely set up and there are no seats so it’s to-go or sro.

The burgers are those take a handful of ground beef and slam it on the grill type with frayed edges.

I was lucky to take this picture of the store as the parking lot is normally full and at busy times a line goes out the door and down the road.

Big, beefy, meaty & juicy. Wonderful stuff and fries that tasted so good they must have been cooked in lard. Git you some.


Wingfield’s, 2615 S.Beckley, Dallas, TX 75224. 214.943.5214

2005: The Year of the Fork

While having dinner with my friend, and fellow Blogger, Eva, and this aquaintance of hers, Les, onThursday evening, I was encouraged to make some sort of an entry as my contribution to this new site has thus far amounted to only one.

We were dining at Thai Toy on Lemmon Avenue just west of Wycliff. A favorite hole in the wall vegetarian Thai restaurant that is terrific. Driving home I realized that a lot of my new year’s resolutions centered around food, and that a number of ideas I’ve had for posting here, also centered around food.

So, while you’re waking up on New Year’s Day, hopefully cleared-headed and all in one piece. Here’s a favorite (and the world’s simplest) chili recipe for a football gathering on Saturday or Sunday, or any winter weekend for that matter.

Glenn Eddie’s Easy Chili:

Two pounds turkey
One big assed onion (diced)
One like-sized green pepper (diced)
One can of black beans
One can of kidney beans
One can of pinto beans
One can of diced tomatoes
One can of Rotel tomatoes with chilis
One package of dry Ranch Dressing

The Never Ending Search…

In a city where it seems there are as many Mexican restaurants as days in the year (maybe more??) one’s favourite cantinas are on lists in a constant state of flux.

But when it comes to Pulpo en Salsa de Tomate there is only one destination and that is La Calle Doce. There is the original location in at 415 West 12 St. in Oak Cliff and another at 1925 Skillman in Lakewood. If you like your Mexican food fishy it’s highly recommended.


Pictured: Pulpo en Salsa de Tomate

Feliz Navidad

It is a tradition amongst families of Hispanic heritage to have tamales at Christmas. If you do a search on Google for tamales at Christmas you will find stories, poems and recipes all relating to this tradition.

After a rather bizarre Italian Christmas where I ate a lot of fried whitefish I realised there had to be something more ethnic and regional, and more importantly tasty, here in Tejas. That was the first year I tried Tamales from the Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory. Beef with jalapeno is my favourite. They also have pork & chicken. They have a number of locations, including Greenville Avenue near Ross & Marsalis Avenue at 8th St. down here in sunny Oak Cliff. Git you some.

Help a hermana out.

For all of this city’s renown as a foodie’s mecca, I’m having a hard time with the simplest little request:

I want Mexican food.

When I say this aloud, the people around me in North Dallas say, “Oh, you should try Abuelo’s, it’s good. Or Posado’s. Or Uncle Julio’s.”

Yawn. Frankly, I’m not really interested in a place that has its own website. Most of what I’ve seen so far in D/FW are high-concept Tex-Mex restaurants with utterly forgettable fare. Even Joe T.’s, while admittedly tasty, is fancier than what I seek.

I want a small family-run taqueria. I want steak tampiquena with nopalitos and grilled green onions. I want migas (which someone told me are called chilaquiles con huevos up here?), my only perfect hangover food. I want Cokes in the can and chicle at the register for a quarter and Tecate posters on the wall and a jukebox.

Got any suggestions? Please, don’t think I’m looking for something up here in the ‘burbs — I’d be suspicious of a Mexican restaurant that could afford the rent anyway, because then the prices sure aren’t going to be the $1.50-for-a-chorizo-breakfast-taco-the-size-of-my-head for which I’m searching, and the menu is going to be all artsy-fartsy and theme-y. Ick.

And, since I’m making requests, I want elotes asados, scraped right off the cob into a styrofoam cup. In Austin I could get it at the cart in front of the Fiesta Mart by my house. Any ideas here?


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