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The Midwest has a SOHO…jealous!

I read a NYTimes article today titled Artists Feel the Squeeze in a Midwest SoHo…it was the title that hooked me. A SOHO in the midwest? Apparently St. Louis is building up their art’s district and it’s getting some buzz. Their methods over there seem grand. Artist/Entrepreneurs are dumping their savings into buildings and lofts, and are deciding to build an art center for themselves.

The art scene here in Dallas is so scattered. There’s been buzz about a couple of different areas in town hoping to be crowned with the label of “the Dallas SOHO.” You’ve got the “design district,” a string of galleries off Dragon Street. Then there’s the South Side, also known as “the cedars.” And of course the museums in the “arts district” off Pearl and Ross. Already the “arts district” is not set up to become the dallas SOHO. There’s no place for artists to reside anywhere near the museums, nor are there any adjacent buildings within blocks of there that could be turned into a gallery or two. The closest buildings to the arts district are down Ross, but they are sparce, most old mechanic shops. The “design district” has the clout of a higher real-estate value that is found throughout the north side of Dallas, but that also cancels out any struggling artists looking to live and work there. Unless the real-estate is cheap, and somewhat livable, then starving artists won’t be able to commune there. This takes us to the South Side. This area is cheap, industrial, and boasts lots of potential for old wharehouses and mills to be turned into galleries and artist living spaces. Already SouthSide on Lamar is doing just that, although it’s a bit pricy to live there under starving artist standards. The only thing about this area is that it’s sketchy. No one would like to walk around there at night for fear of their lives, much less want to park, or leave their house unattended without double-locks and bars on their windows. But it does seem to be that the most sketchy places tend to sometimes harbor good soil for a starving artist community to grow, and potentiallly blossom. The question is whether the risk is woth it in the beginning.

As a person debating on where to move an art gallery in dallas, these questions are becoming more important. Where is the SOHO of Dallas going to be? Maybe instead we should ask a select few with a little pull, where do we want to put the SOHO of Dallas? It’s just a matter of convincing a few, and before we know it, there will be a art commuity worth labeling in Dallas…at least that’s the hope.

women in dallas

do the women in dallas tend to be “southern belles” or are texas women of a different type, tougher? maybe dallas women don’t count as texas women…


1. Laura Miller
2. The Dallas Cowboys
3. Hooters
4. I-35
5. the DMA
6. the Trinity River
7. almost no snow
8. Family Values


SEX IN DALLAS IS EASY EASY EASY: a city built on fast cars & nomadic work/play & appearance…what more can you ask for if you wanna get off?


venus5.jpgVenus, Texas sits about 50 miles south of central Dallas. [I spent the day there with a friend and found the forgotten hamlet’s disappearance (minus a small revival of local government buildings) charming. The manner in which metro-areas such as DFW devour local communities and local histories with a borg-like inevitability thrusts the mortality of our collective being home, makes me think not only of personal mortality but of transience & entropy as vital forces.] Venus, first named “Gossip,” began developing after 1880 thanks to a developer named J. C. Smyth who named it “Venus” after the daughter of a local doctor. Venus continued to grow until the Great Depressions of the 1930′–after which her declilne was swift. Why do we Dallasites so often remain indifferent not only to the histories of small Texas towns, but to our own still-booming megalopolis as well?


until tomorrow.jpg

…this is my church…one of the fastest-growing unitarian churches in country…most unitarians hail from the new england area, ya know…i’m glad in jesus land there is an option for a thinking & spiritual person who wants to gather together with like souls

car wash jack

Has anyone had a problem with homeless types trying to dry off your car at some self-carwash locations in the city? I nearly felt “carjacked” the other night. I use to try and help guys who were friendly to make a couple of bucks by letting them dry off my car–but after my scare the other night, I’m only going to self-wash places in snooty neighborhoods or to auto-wash places and such. Anyone else had this problem? Dallas is such a car city; I wonder how much the police are checking on this issue–forced drying. I called the police on those thugs the other night.


With the rise in gas prices, and even the looming possibility of gas rationing, how is the commuting populous of Dallas going to fare? I’ve always thought it sad that DFW has been spending such an effort to build new highways around the metroplex instead of utilizing and updating the railways that connect our towns and cities. I guess we should just continue to wait those elusive 10 years that has been proposed that it would take to get a rail system underway.

Ugh. Looks like we are in a tight spot. Time to start ride sharing


zayn car sept 2005.jpg

…spending so much time dating in Dallas…what makes this a good place to go on a date…hmmmm…there are more places to eat per capita in Dallas than in any other city in the world (I believe this is true)…and if you’re a sports fan…plenty of popular movie venues…the club scene could be worse…most Dallasites have roomy apartments or houses, so a couple can always hang at home, watch TV, eat, and etc…the highway system is good enough to make getting to your date less than a hassle (compare NYC)…hhmmmmm…dating…would be interesting to take cell pics of people out on dates…would this legal?

Lil’ D

New blogger here, with a bit of an outsider perspective on life in Dallas. I’m waaaaaaaay up here in Denton…ok so it’s only 30 minutes away, but to dallas-ites, that’s like driving to the ends of the continent…but then again…what’s not 30 minutes away in this city, thanks to traffic and the lack of real public transportation (yet another topic to discuss later).

For my debut post, I thought I’d list a few things that might be worth a short drive to Denton (since I’ll be soon posting what events I’d find worth the drive to Dallas).

Art Prostitute: Yeah Denton has an art gallery that’s not Texas-style, arts-n-crafts, watercolor, grandma landscapes…not that we don’t love our grandma’s landscapes, but Art Prostitute showcases work from contemporary artists that are making waves in the NY and CA art scenes…similar to what the Forbidden Gallery across from Fair Park used to show.

Rubber Gloves Rehersal Studios: Great music venue and bar and also a rehersal space. I saw Captured by Robots there not too long ago…the venue that can book bands like that gets my butt in the door every time.

Hailey’s: Another great venue for bands, but also helluva a bar for ‘lil ‘ol Denton. Boasts a great atmosphere and big dance floor, which is usually packed to the gills on no-cover, Thursday 80’s-nights…espically when school is in session.

The Jupiter House: After hitting the bars, this 24 hour little coffee shop makes for a good hangover helper. Located right on Denton’s “downtown” square.

Dan’s Silverleaf: Another great bar and music venue, offering quite the range of music offerings.

Recycled Books Records CDs
: Known to the locals simply as “Recycled Books” this is an amazing used book/cd/dvd treasure trove that is definately worth “the drive.”

My time is up at the moment…more to be added soon…

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