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Dallas is most likely the only city that has one blogger. So when times are hectic, which they often are, I have nobody to pick up the slack. Let’s press on by recapping some highlights since the gas plant exploded.

Not a lot has changed here in Deep Ellum. Looks like a couple of new restaurants are moving in. Not exactly what the neighborhood needs, but at least more street front properties will be tuned up a bit.

A recent jaunt to south Dallas, landed me at the Studio Bar and Grill. They are located at 1135 S. Lamar, this is the same complex as The Palladiumand Gilley’s. I took a go at their lean burger with provolone. It was good, no Twisted Root, but good. They could benefit from expanding their cheese selection to include goat cheese an crumbled blue. This is definitely a good addition to that neighborhood: a walking distance place to get a drink that isn’t the Absinthe Lounge which is usually chock full of creepy middle aged swingers.

Dallas’ favorite sons, The Party pretty much tore it up all summer. The best dance parties in Texas hands down. These dudes are all over the place, so if you miss their monthly at Zubar, don’t sweat it. They are turning up regularly at The Fallout Lounge and The Loft. Word is they are planning a tour in the near future…stay tuned boppers.

The Goss Michael Foundation opened its doors with A Tribute to Tracey Emin. There is an interview with Charissa Terranova and Kenny Goss on Glasstire that will provide you with more detailed insight that I will get into here. Their next 2 exhibitions will bring the work of James White and Damien Hirst to Dallas, which is fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic…have you made it to the Ron Mueck show at the The Modern? I have never seen a show of his work this comprehensive. This is such a great follow up to Pretty Baby. Mueck commands the space with his flawless craft and use of scale. There is a video that runs at certain times, offering a look into the making of one of his sculptures. The only downside is that the piece in the video is not in the show. Nonetheless, it is worth watching to gain insight on how these works are created.

That is it for now. Stay tuned as the fall gallery schedules are next on my list. September 15th is going to be a big one.

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  1. starchy (unregistered) on September 1st, 2007 @ 6:48 pm

    wtf? one blogger? I am here from LA for the weekend and checked in to see whats up and this is what you have to offer?

    I’m calling the mothership to yank yer charter….

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