What is “The Party” and why should you go…

January 12, 2007 :: The Party at Zubar :: 2012 Lower Greenville
With DJ $elect on the promotion trail it is almost impossible to not know that this is going down. He has his meathooks in just about every establishment in Dallas, from the indie spots to the most bourgeoisie places in town, so there are ample opportunities to pick up a flyer for their next throwdown. Now if for any reason you might be saying to yourself, “It’s just a bunch of DJs, it can’t be all that good.” you couldn’t be more wrong. $elect, Sober, Nature and Klassen (if he’s in town from Austin) will definitely get you out on the dance floor, and you won’t be surrounded by a bunch of frat douches in fitted shirts and designer jeans harshing your mellow, because they don’t draw that crowd. I am not saying that won’t ever happen, eventually even the corniest peeps catch on to good stuff, look how they’ve glommed onto Obey, courtesy of places like Metropark. All I’m saying is that if you are going to go somewhere to drink and dance, make Zubar your stop when The Party is holdin’ it down. You won’t be sorry.

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