State Fair this Weekend!

He’s back! Big Tex and the State Fair of Texas.

I’m actually excited. This is the first year that the fair is just down the street from me, and I’m looking forward to checking out all the fun that is going to be happening practically in my back yard. The rides, the smell of cattle and fried food, the activity and parades. It all starts tomorrow at noon with a parade through downtown Dallas. Let’s all play hookey from school or work and make it a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reinactment. You’ll see me syncronized dancing with the crew over on the stairs.

Did you know they are going to have Chinese Acrobats there…and pig races, a cigar rolling demo, a llama show, and a dairy goat milk-off? The list goes on and on. Their website ( has a downloadable events calendar so you can print it out and circle your favorites and create your own State Fair expierence. My favorite page on the site is the highlighted events page. Marilyn Monroe is going to be pinned up all over the Women’s Museum, and you can sneek a peek for FREE. You have to pay to get into the fair, but once in, there are a lot of outrageous shows that are free to see.

Also while your are there, go ahead and spare yourself the wait at the ticket counter and purchase your tickets online. You’ll even get a discount if you do. General admission will run you $10.95 online and $13.00 at the fair. Food and ride tickets will cost you another $10.00 for a sheet of 20 tickets.

I’ll be there with my camera, trying and figure out what to take a picture of first. It’s going to be visual overload. Puppets, corndog-eating mullets, cowoys, cattle, flies, families with good kids, families with obnoxious kids, families with grandmas, crying, laughing, screaming…good times.

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