Double Wide

This past weekend I went to Double Wide for the first time since they re-opened, and it was a good time. What is really great about DW is that you can see a band, have some drinks on a patio or at the bar, as all three are separate areas, which means if you are not feeling the band you don’t have to pay a cover to stay and drink, you can just go to the bar and rock the juke.

Above all it made me realize how those of us who live and work in Dallas have to support places like this if we ever want it our city to reach its full potential. There is always talk about crime and safety issues, but what major city doesn’t have that problem? I for one have found parts of LA and NY far sketchier than Dallas. You just have to be smart when you are out. What really brings out the worst in an area is when there is nothing going on. In those dead parts, where no one is around, is where most crime happens. The more businesses that open and stay open the better. So next time you are out think about that before you leave your hood for greener pastures. The grass maybe a tad brown right now, but it is amazing what a little water can do.

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