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snow? bad weather? maybe… maybe not

I keep hearing about all the bad weather we are supposed to be getting, and to do all the necessary things to prepare (gas up the car, go to the grocery store, stay in if you can, etc.) but so far there has been nothing (in my area of the North Dallas burbs) that would justify my leaving work early to do these things. Seems par for the course for weather here in north Texas. On a side note, I see that UNT has also shut down early. That is one thing about that school – give them even just a hint of a reason to close and they will. I know they have to consider the commuters, but I did go to school there, and they do seem to close more often than other institutions of learning. It would always piss off my parents when CFB-ISD would open late, or close early, when all the other districts would just be open or closed, with no deviations. Most of the time they were just open, which pissed off me and my sister.

Back to what I was trying to get to – the weather here in north Texas is not what it used to be. Supposedly, many years ago, this area would see lots of snow come winter. Not what you would see if you lived outside of here in one of the more northern states (or some other area that is well accustomed to seeing the white stuff) but enough that you could actually build a snowman that was white, and not dirt brown. Last Christmas we had some old super-8 home movies transfered to dvd and watched them on Christmas eve. There was no sound but the content made up of that. Some of the footage was even from before I was born. One of those scenes showed my dad using a broom to try and get tons of snow off the family car, while it sat there running and warming up. Before seeing that, the only thing that I have seen hit this area, that would even come close, was a snow/ice storm that happened in either 1979 or 1980. I remember being out in it, and as a little kid, it was hard to walk on the ice covered pavement. I kept falling down, and thought that sucked.

Last year we had a hint of the white stuff but nothing major. The media seems to think that things are going to get bad today, or actually, tonight. Right now I don’t think that we will see much of anything, but I guess that means I will be suprised if come morning my two minute drive to work becomes a ten minute drive because our local weather flunkies were right all along.

surely, I am not the only one

As much as I love the switch to the cold weather, I can do without the current nasal reaction to it all. Am I the only one suffering here? I hate being all drippy. Damn allergies.



Are some cities more romantic than others? Does the lifestyle certain cities lend themselves to make love more or less likely to strike and to survive when it does? How does Dallas rate as a love-conducive metro area?

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