I got home yesterday to find a note on my door about participating in trick-or-treating on halloween. Ummmm… no. No I will not. It has yet to be seen if this year we are all dogged with stories about how the grown ups are out doing their own thing while the kids are left (or I should say dropped off – this seems to be the big trend these days… you may have few to no children in your neighborhood, but come halloween, you would think that every person around must have at least two that they are hiding in the closet because this will be first time you see them and it will seem as if you are not careful a few might come crawling out of the wood work of your home as well) to roam sparsely lit neighborhoods, begging for candy. Maybe I will feel differently when I have kids, but then again, maybe I will just take them to a costume party or other halloween event with other children. Maybe I will just tell them that they don’t need the cavities and that the holiday celebrates satan. I don’t have too many memories of halloween other than the one from my freshman year in high school when I was working on a poster for biology and the damn door bell kept ringing (yes, we lived in one of those neighborhoods). Back then people were still doing what was customary. Now, they just say “screw it” and turn off the porch light, opting for what ever is on tv. For me, I’ll be at the gym.

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  1. spooky ghoul (unregistered) on October 21st, 2005 @ 12:42 pm

    “holiday celebrates satan”

    educate yourself. typical dallas rush to label anything evil.

    no one is forced to participate and no one is forced to give kids better memories than your own.

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