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New blogger here, with a bit of an outsider perspective on life in Dallas. I’m waaaaaaaay up here in Denton…ok so it’s only 30 minutes away, but to dallas-ites, that’s like driving to the ends of the continent…but then again…what’s not 30 minutes away in this city, thanks to traffic and the lack of real public transportation (yet another topic to discuss later).

For my debut post, I thought I’d list a few things that might be worth a short drive to Denton (since I’ll be soon posting what events I’d find worth the drive to Dallas).

Art Prostitute: Yeah Denton has an art gallery that’s not Texas-style, arts-n-crafts, watercolor, grandma landscapes…not that we don’t love our grandma’s landscapes, but Art Prostitute showcases work from contemporary artists that are making waves in the NY and CA art scenes…similar to what the Forbidden Gallery across from Fair Park used to show.

Rubber Gloves Rehersal Studios: Great music venue and bar and also a rehersal space. I saw Captured by Robots there not too long ago…the venue that can book bands like that gets my butt in the door every time.

Hailey’s: Another great venue for bands, but also helluva a bar for ‘lil ‘ol Denton. Boasts a great atmosphere and big dance floor, which is usually packed to the gills on no-cover, Thursday 80’s-nights…espically when school is in session.

The Jupiter House: After hitting the bars, this 24 hour little coffee shop makes for a good hangover helper. Located right on Denton’s “downtown” square.

Dan’s Silverleaf: Another great bar and music venue, offering quite the range of music offerings.

Recycled Books Records CDs
: Known to the locals simply as “Recycled Books” this is an amazing used book/cd/dvd treasure trove that is definately worth “the drive.”

My time is up at the moment…more to be added soon…

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  1. Amy (unregistered) on August 8th, 2005 @ 4:59 pm

    There used to be a place up there (I think it was just Dan’s Bar) but it closed. Is this the same Dan?

  2. GEddieG (unregistered) on August 10th, 2005 @ 11:38 am

    Denton is great. Reminds me Austin many years ago. And UNT is a terrific school. I work with a lot of graduates of UNT programs.

    Yes, Denton will make you an outcast in life and here on the Dallas blog. But you can always promise to move to the “good areas” of Dallas like the M Streets, Lakewood, Oak Cliff or Bluffview when you see the light.

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