midnight movie

In less than two weeks I am moving. I am so excited about this move I can barely stand it! Those who know me know that the place I am in now sucks on parking. I have only been here a year, but I am moving (I normally stay in a place 4-5 years). I will be going from a place that has no parking (ok… they do have parking, and stickers and rules, but those are constantly ignored making for bad parking) to a place where I have my own, attached garage. I will finally be able to go out at night again. Woohoo!

I have decided that my first late night venture will be to the midnight screening of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” at the Inwood Theater on August 20th. This is the day of my move, and I might be a bit tired, but I have never seen this movie, and just the thought of being able to do something after 8pm has me a tad giddy. If anyone would like to join me leave a comment.

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