It will be safe in a month

I guess I should say something since I am the new kid here – ummmmm… Hi!

Ok… now that that’s over with, moving forward…

The thought of the new IKEA store being open, and me possibly missing a major sale on something I want, was too much for me to bear Wednesday night, so I went. First, getting there was dreadful. There was only one way into the parking. The people who are playing nice and following the rules (like me) waited in the single-lane line from forty-five minutes to an hour. When I started seeing people cheating by heading up the lane to the left, and then begging to be let in by actually using their signal (you know they would never do it otherwise) nice play was over for me. Unfortunately, other people were being courteous to SUV drivin’, line cuttin’, I’m-too-good-to-wait-like-everyone-else people.

According to the parking sign for the lot closest to the store, this parking is “family friendly.” People with litters can park here. As for the rest of us, we must park in Celina, Texas. Ok… I might be exaggerating a little… the parking is in Prosper.

I finally make it inside. If there weren’t so many people it would have been great, and I might have actually bought something. If this had been any other store I would have turned around and walked out, immediately. I had to see the furniture though, just in case they were having some special on these pieces during these first few days. If you were wondering about this too, then let me inform you that they are not. My sister had a flyer that had some specials listed but from what I could tell those may be all of the specials. IKEA is known for their inexpensive, assemble-it-yourself merchandise and I saw nothing that would have led me to believe that their prices would be any different after all the hoopla dies down.

Why do I do these things to myself? Why do I place myself in shopping nightmare situations when I know all the peaceful thoughts I plan on having will be quashed by all the slow-footed, two legged creatures and their litters of screaming offspring? I don’t know. Now you know though – no specials (other than advertised… at least that I saw), terrible parking (for now) and tons of people. Once the hoopla has died down and school has started this might actually be a nice place to go.

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  1. Erica (unregistered) on August 5th, 2005 @ 10:46 am

    Thanks for your update. I was afraid that it would be a madhouse, so I haven’t ventured out there yet. I will make sure to only do so when I’m feeling strong enough not to kill those who will stop in front of me and block the whole damn aisle.

  2. Amy (unregistered) on August 5th, 2005 @ 12:54 pm

    That happened more times than I could count. I did bump people though who were coming from the opposite direction and dumb enough not to move. Hehehe… just had a thought – take a flashlight, hide some where inside and camp out over night, doing your shopping then. When they open in the morning, remain hidden until there are enough people to mask you and then head to check out. Brilliant (that is if you don’t trip a motion sensor or something)!

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