Tan lines, etc…

I’ve been lazy about updating lately. My life has consisted mostly of beer and frozen pizza lately, so there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about.

I went to Hurricane Harbor this past weekend with my buddy Matt. I made a decision before I even left my apartment that I would NOT wear sunscreen (my pale skin is in need of some color…and I’m past being picky about what color that is) and now my skin hurts. It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill water park. Nothing remarkable.

I’m getting increasingly creeped out by my downstairs neighbor. I live in a semi-shady apartment complex (which isn’t as bad as my former residence at TimberCreek. Do NOT move in there…). But I usually feel pretty safe ’cause there are tons of families in the complex and my friend Ryan lives in the building next to mine. When my roommate and I first moved into our place, we noticed that every time we went downstairs to our cars, our downstairs neighbor would come out of his apartment and watch us until we left. This prompted my roommate to never go outside without her boyfriend and me (since I’m boyfriendless) to just go down the stairs really quietly. The man looks for any excuse to come outside. Yesterday, I was taking the trash out by putting it next to the door on our little balcony area. He must have heard me open the door because he came outside, looked up at me, simply said “trash” and went back inside.

But I think I hurt his feelings.

The other night, I was wandering home from Ryan’s and my neighbor was sitting in his idling car, listening to rap and smoking a cigarette. I took no notice as this is a really common site in my apartment complex. I was about to go upstairs when I heard “…’sup.” I simply said “hi” in a slightly annoyed tone and kept going, when he replied “MAN…I see you EVERY DAY. WHY you never talk to me?!”

Awww…I made him sad.

…What a weirdo. Time for me to get some mace and a guard dog.

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