Roti Grill – Yum Bloody Yum

I used to live in a former taxi garage next to King’s Cross station in London. It was a very iffy neighborhood. Often we would come downstairs to find ladies of the night plying their trade on a car’s hood. I could lay in bed and hear the station platform announcements and once when a very high window was broken I lay in bed watching snow flakes fall around me.

I cherish memories of that area because of the unpretentious and delicious food served by two local nosheries. One was the greasy spoon that served the best breakfasts complete with mushrooms & kidneys and a fried slice. The other was an Indian take-away. Many a cold evening I would make the 200 yard dash to the Indian and order their lamb vindaloo and Basmati rice – sometimes I’d add a piping hot keema naan. I would race home and sit silently enjoying the complex, warm, buttery, nutty, spicy food. I ate there at least twice a week finding it the perfect cure for hangover or broken heart. I doubt if I ever spent more than $2.50.

Although the number of Indian restaurants in the Metroplex has grown in the last twenty years from 1 or 2 to dozens there are no bargain take-aways in the British tradition. The Roti Grill on McKinney Avenue near Knox is by no means a bargain but I swear the lamb vindaloo and rice I ate there recently was almost as good as my old favourite in London N1.

I ordered the lamb Texas size offering which was $11.50 – for this you get your curry, rice and a bread. If it had been of marginal quality it would have not been worth it but I found it most delicious and plenty to fill a to-go container for the next day. A couple could share it with a side dish and be quite full.

You pick from vegetables, paneer (home made cheese), chicken, lamb or shrimp as the ‘protein’ part of your dish. Then you select the sauces from eight options. One of these, Balti, I do not see often in Dallas, the same with Jalferezi a super tomato melange which would be superb with chicken or lamb. The Korma, Masala and Saag would all be excellent with vegetables or shrimp or chicken. VIndaloo is a very hot spicy sauce best reserved for a lamb or beef in my opinion.

There are many other items on the menu. You order at the counter, take a number and your food is brought to you. The space is bright and sunny with casual, pleasant furnishings. Music was ethnic but not irritating. At sunday lunch there was a mixed crowd.

They are at 4438 McKinney Ave. South of Knox and also at 6509 W. Park Blvd. NE Corner of Park & Midway. They are owned by India Palace restaurant. The plano location has a lunch buffet every day and they are BYOB. The Dallas location serves beer & wine. Hours 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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